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finding a pediatrician

would you choose a male pediatrician or a female pediatrician? Why?
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Kids seem more comfortable around females so i would probably recommend a female. But my sons is a male and he is AWESOME (he saved my sons life when every other doctor told me he was fine) but even with that said my son still gets a little nervousaround him.
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Since im having a girl my bf only wants female drs looking at her so thats why i have to find a female dr
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Personally i dont care a dr is a dr. I had a male dr but just to make him happy and as long as my baby girl is in good hands  im ok with it
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I had a male ped with my son and loved him! My son was born in nc and had that dr for a few months and never had a problem with him. Now since we moved back to our home state I take my son to a family dr who is also a male. My son doesn't have any issues with him but he doesn't like the nurses (maybe bc he knows they give him the shots lol) but his dr has a daughter a fews months older than my son so I can really ask him questions and he has good advice since he is going through a lot of the same stages with his girl. You can always try one first and you will find out very quick whether or not that's the dr for you and your baby :)

I would say male for male and female for female. Just because when thge get older and starts maturing, they will be more comfortable with a doctor of the same gender. Some states still consider young adults pediatrics up until 25.
I would say either male or female is fine but try to choose one close to where you live.  You make a lot of doctor visits with little ones and convenience is important.  My boys have a female doctor that is really good to them--  but I hear what you are saying.  They are now older and some things get embarrassing like the groin check although their doc is used to this.  But I can see when they are young men, it might be harder to get those checks done with someone of the opposite sex.
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