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introducing foods

I know now is to early but i was just wondering when it would be ok to start introducing foods to my baby girl. Right now shes 2 weeks old and on formula, i tryed to breast feed but im just not producing enough, i let her eat from me n then drink her formula, i also pump but most the time i dont get but 2oz (both breast) and lately shes been eating 4 so i dont fill her up (plus she gets fussy on them cause she dont get it as fast as on bottle. But anyway, when can i start introducing things and what can i introduce? Im wanting to try to stay away from icky caned baby food (just personal pref.) and use like a blender to blend up real food or just really mushy foods, or rice cereal
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When your baby can sit up and hold their head up with no problem then you can start introducing pureed foods like Gerber. Im going to do the same thing and make my own baby foods! Around 4 to 6 months. Talk to your doctor they can give you something to get you to produce more breast milk.
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I think you can start rice cereal (pablum) somewhere between 4-6 months. Every baby is different! Check with your doctor.
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You can also buy a baby bullet or a magic bullet and make your own baby food there are lots of recipes online they can be frozen and saved for when you need them. That's what I'm going to do :)
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My pediatrician told us with our first that we could start around 4 months
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Not til between 4 and 6 months
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Around 6 months if you introduce foods early your risking the chance of her getting food allergies
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Thank yall :) its very apreciated :) my bfs mom was talkin about starting her at 2 months or so n i was like that sounds way to early :p so thank you very much
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My pediatrician said bit till 6 months with my first.  Some Dr's say 4, sine say 6. Check with your pediatrician.
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My daughter will be 6 months on the 1st and have been feeding her solid foods. She loves it. Also breastfeeding her. :-)
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