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very worried mommy!! jaundice...

Our baby girl is now 4 days old. Before leaving the hospital,  her jaundice level was 8.5... Dr said we wanted us to bring her in the following day back to the hospital for another test since we can't see her actual Dr until Monday.  So yesterday we took her in, levels are now 15.6
. He just told me to make it to our appointment Monday.  

As far as jaundice it's self, our other two children had this as well. And went away without treatment before leaving the the hospital.  So I'm very worried.  Her eyes seem yellow. And her skin,  it's hard to tell. as I'm Italian (olive skin tone) and her father is African American  .  She has pooped a few times since she's been home
but it's not a lot.

And pee seems to be normal.  
Just very worried sorry for the long story. Have any of you mama's went through this? Please put my mind at Ease!!!  
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If you're that worried then take her back to the hospital.
If her eyes and skin are yellow then she might need a bit of light therapy. Doesn't hurt to get another opinion.
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I sat my oldest in front of a window for an hour a day.. but when my twins arrived my little 7 pounder had it worse. I had to take her in to the doctor a week later to go under the lamp for a while and she also wouldn't poop.. so I gave her a bottle of formula instead of my breast milk and it helped her to poop. It worked for me.  

If baby's eyes are not extremely yellow, I wouldn't worry too much until you see a doctor.. my daughter waited a week and her eyes were slightly yellow and I ran her to the hospital for nothing.. Sometimes baby's have a yellowish tint. Always follow your instincts first. I ran to the hospital for nothing because they said her levels weren't high enough for extreme measures..

I really hoped this helped a little..
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The doctor only put her under the lamp for an hour to see if the yellowish tint would go away.. it didnt.. they were still a little yellow until she was 2 weeks old.. then it went away. I always kept her in the sun
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My two year old had jaundice. He spend a week in the nicu getting his sugars controlled because he was born hypoglycemic and left the hospital with jaundice, they didn't seem to concerned about it but asked me to follow up with my Dr. Dr said to put him in front of the window so he can catch some sun light. Went away after a bit. Good luck mommy.
Thank you!! Since noon this afternoon we have her in her swing in front of our living room window.  Its now 12:30. My aunt told me to do this. But how long should I leave her? She's sleeping but I wanna hold her Lol. So leave her in for another 30 min?? Or??
I was told about an hour or so.
Up date, so the sun from the window isn't working,  so her Dr want to admit us to the maturity Ward for light therapy.  Her numbers keep going up!! Her Dr said if it gets to her brain there's no turning back from that ,  so off to the hospital we go. So scared: -(
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i was suggested by doctor to only put my son by the window with only diaper or onsie for an hour a day as well but in the mornings because thats when the sun is not too strong.
i also had to take him to the hospital almost everyday because they had to draw blood and check his levels.
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Okay thank you ladies!!!  
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Hi, I'm not a mom yet but I know this growing up in Africa. Women bring their children with yellow skin out under the sun first thing in the morning. I was told that's how they treat jaundice in newborn. They don't have access to hospital for blood draws, light therapy and such but the newborns recover from jaundice! So I think you should take your baby out naked under the first sunlight of the day for an hour or so. My mom also told me the morning sun is the safest for a newborn. It will also give you chance of holding your baby.
Its winter time here in the US IN OHIO.  Lol: -( so I'm trying the sunlight from the window
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And you will benefit as well by getting a dose of vitamin D from the morning sun!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your baby swretbee, keep us updated please. Praying for the best.
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Update:  the Dr at the hospital refused to put hee under the "lights" said her level wasn't high enough yet, it was 2 points away!

Any who as of Friday her levels are down by 3 which is good news!! Her skin is still a little yellow,  but her eyes are clearing up. :-)
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