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11 yr old having discharge that irritates


Have any of you parents ever had a young daughter just beginning puberty start having discharge that irritates the urethra causing some UTI like symptoms?

My daughter just began having this issue.  She has begun to develop breasts & we've had the period talks.  She has not gotten any hair in the pubic or under arms yet.

This Saturday she woke up with UTI like symptoms... feeling irritated in the urethra area, feeling like she needed to pee really bad.  At 3 am the next morning she even awoke with the need to pee, that has never happened to her before.  She believed she had wet her panties a few times so I checked them & it did not look like urine but an off white, yellowish discharge.

I took her to the pediatrician today & he believed this was the normal discharge that most girls get several months to a year before their period begins.  He checked her down below & said there was no redness, no smell & she says there is no itching.  They did a urine analysis & it was good, no bacteria at all.

So her only symptoms are the urethra irritation.  Has anyone ever heard of this in a girl or woman?  Could the vaginal fluid be too acidic?  What could be causing this irritation?  Dr's only recommendations were to let her wear pads or panty liners to help absorb moisture away & hopefully lessen her irritation.  And he really couldn't give me a timeline as to how long the discharge might last... said it could follow the patterns of a period but might be erratic like a newly menstruating girl will be, meaning it might come & go over the next several months before becoming regular.  I am in doubt how much the pads will really help because as most females know the urethra opening is tucked inside the labia pretty close to the vagina opening.

She is scared to go to school.  And doesn't want to get off the couch because she hates how slimy it feels & I guess the irritation gets worse when she moves around.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Try the pads or panty liners.  They have that "stay dry liner" thing going on, and could help.
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Thank you AnnieBrooke for your reply. I must not have email replies on because I didn't know you had replied.

Yes, we did get some panty liners. My original post was back in May. The discharge lasted about 5 days. She did feel better wearing the liners.

So it went away then about 7 weeks later it has come back. This time there is no irritation what so ever. This time it's been almost 4 weeks. There are times it's barely there then later that night or the next day it's back. Still whitish yellowish in color, no itching, no smell.

Anyone's daughter experience this at the beginning of puberty? Should it be lasting so long this time?
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