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5year acting provocative with boys and hanging on teen boys

My 5 yr old neice has become overly interested in boys private parts.  She says she only wants to play with boys things and doesn't like anything that girls are interested in even though she definately says she wants to be a girl.  Also, I have noticed that she hangs on teenage boys whenever she is with them and flirst and hangs all over them.  She also touches her brothers private area even though he is fully clothed.   He tells on her and she gets sent to her room.  
Last nite I asked her if anyone had ever touched her privates and she got embarrassed and told me that a several brothers in the neighbourhood who are close friends of the family and  who range from 2 years younger to 3 years older than her have shown her their private parts several times and wanted to see hers. No one else was around and her brother was not there at the time.   She did show them hers once she says.  She also said a year earlier an older boy at school, she would have been 4 then, showed her his private parts and wanted her to put it in her mouth and she didn't.
I have not told anyone about this info so far.  Where and what should I do with this info.  It certainly expains her obsession with the penis.  I did say that that is where babies come from and she should not do this anymore.
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I'd make all my decisions in there interest of protecting the child involved.  She's obviously been in several inappropriate situations, who is watching her and guarding her so this kind of thing does not keep happening to her?  I had a friend who was being molested by her uncle when we were children.  I didn't learn the facts until we were adults.  What I remember about her behavior back then was that she seemed really boy-crazy at a very young age, and dying to grow up fast.  She'd see some guys older than ourselves when were downtown and say, "Let's follow those boys."  Stuff like that, which in a preteen would possibly be written off as trying to grow up fast, but in a younger child should be a warning sign.  How is she even getting into a situation where someone could show her a private part at school and ask her to put it in their mouth?  Who is telling her to be this compliant?  

I guess if you feel an adult in her life is suspect, you need to report things to authorities.  If you feel the adults in her life would be concerned and want to protect her, you need to tell them.  If you feel she would just get into more trouble if you said anything, I would talk to a minister or counselor to help you find the right path.  But the child deserves to be safe and grow up in a non-sexualized environment.
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Totally agree with Annie a red flag goes up here this child needs protecting make sure you are aware of anything in your house ,..eyes wide open Mom supervision and protection required ..
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