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7 Year-old, lying, stealing and indifferent

My son is 7 and has been diagnosed with AD/HD. Since being on medication, his school work and behavior has improved significantly.
Lately, he has been doing a lot of sneaking around; lying...I caught him taking (stealing) $20 off the kitchen counter the other day. 2 days ago, instead of getting ready for school in the morning, he was playing in his room with his Legos, so I confiscated all Legos and told him if he wanted to have a good Christmas he had better start behaving. Then today, he was sneaking his Pokemon cards in his homework folder, this is after we took away his back pack for continually sneaking toys and such to school.
My issue is not that he is doing these things, because I understand children will test limits. My issue is that it CONTINUES to happen. Over and over again. He seems to have no remorse or care about the consequences of his actions. We have tried grounding him, taking all his toys away, yelling, positive reinforcement, spanking, negotiating...nothing is working. He will do something he is very well aware is against the rules, and it means nothing. These are obviously just a few examples and like I said, its not the individual situations, but the fact that he keeps doing it anyway.

I don’t know what to do. My son is a sweet, kind and (normally) well behaved boy. His aptitude after being on his medication (concerta) has sky rocketed. But he seems to have little or no control over doing something he knows is wrong, if he wants something, regardless of the consequences.  
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this is a common symptom of the drug he is on, concerta is like kiddie cocaine
what do coke addicts do? they lie and steal!
i would try some other medication
my son also lost it on adderal
i had a similair experience with ritalin, there just better meds that can help adhd children
i found that doing a nightly chore/inventory chart worked well
and this year i am using this book as a way of introducing responsibility and spiritual principals

you can explain to him that when he steals he is breaking the law and the commandments
i am not a religious nut, however i do beleive that teaching our children spiritaul principals can and does help them when they get older

her is the book i mentioned,  you work on one issue a week, great for this age group

if the christian part is  too much, you can leave out the bible versus and concenrate more on the message

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