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7 years old unable to entertain herself

I have a seven year daughter with Bipolar. She is a great child but has a very hard time with entertaining herself. She is constantly seeking the attention of others whether it be us, her teacher, friends of the family (adults) or other children. She has a very hard time with just being able to find things to do independently, She is an only child but I am not to sure if that plays a part. But my main issue is that she becomes bothersome with seeking attention in the classroom the teacher is hardly able to teach without her needed attention, she wants to go to friends houses first thing in the morning and always seeking affection from people that we barely know like church members; and if rejected she feels hated and goes into a very lonely state. What can I do or is this something that she may grow out of?

P.S. We are already involved in a social group with the school along with family and individual therapy.
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it is possible that this is part of her being bi polar, may I ask if she takes any meds,it may be as you say that being an only child does play some part in her neediness for others to play with .What about Drawing, painting ,more absorbing games, how about playing board games with her ,getting her mind involved, jigsaw puzzles can be fun and keep them busy ,Does she get plenty of physical exercise as many children do well when they are active regularly ..  
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It sounds like you're doing the right stuff for her.

I'm kind of surprised she has a diagnosis of Bipolar at the age of 7.   Is she adopted?  Or did she have a period of neglect in early childhood due to illness in the family,  etc?  The reason I ask is this sounds a lot like an attachment disorder.

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