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7 yr old boy makes contant loud noise

I have an extremely bright 7 yr old boy who is well advanced in his school work. His teacher says he is well behaved and quite popular at school. At home he is the casuse of total disruption to our household. He constantly shrieks and screams for no reason and never stops making noise,  be it humming, uncontrollable loud laughing or weird noises. He doesn't listen to anything we say and laughs in our face if he is told off or sent to his room. He does not respond to withdrawal of favourite toys/activities or time out. His younger 4 year old placid and quiet brother is now beginning to copy this behaviour. He is difficult in everything we do, constantly demanding, nothing is good enough, always complains he is hungry then wont eat the food we give him. He runs and jumps constantly on all our furniture and is sometimes aggressive to his brother. Nothing seems to work with him. He is very good at sport and seems to behave well for other people. We have been to a child psychologist in the past to gain skills to deal with him, which worked for a while, but as he gets older are ineffective. We set him boundaries and reward good behavior, but unfortunatley we, like all humans have a breaking point and sometimes lose our temper due to the constant stress. This behaviour is severely straining our marriage and our family dynamic.Please help with some advice.
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please help with my question...anyone!!!
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Only possible thought I has, try to get him evaluated with specialists for having either Aspergers Syndrome Disorder which is higher functioning Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) or ADHD Attention Defecate Hyper Activity Disorder.

I do say you would not like being around me either haha, The reason why I has the ability to talk is because I used imitation of sounds to form noise into sound, and then refined sounds into words!!!  To this day my brain automatically picks up almost any sound around me and replicates it in route reflex, I would guess, building up it's sound base, which allows me to speak more words!!!  My brain is very, very in tune with sound dynamics and replicates sounds almost continually, and involuntarily a lot of times!  Yet because of that I has the skill of making a guitar, trumpet, violin, cello, electric guitar, piano, and drums all with just my vocal chords alone =D  If I get back to listening to smooth Jazz I should be able to reacquire the saxophone again =)

IF this ability is not limited to me, then there may be others who go undiagnosed for ASD because we can talk- my question would be: Is he good at reciprocal conversations?  Or is his conversation more like mine, a vast collection of memorized responses whenever the topic is taken off of his own?

I can talk at length on anything I has before-hand memorized, but can only apply route phrases to a new topic I had no opportunity to prepare for.

It is a small possibility that you may be dealing with a Classically Autistic Person who has taught himself how to talk, as I remained undiagnosed until age 13, until receiving routine counseling for Daddy's divorce, and my behaviors had driven my sister to the point of physically assaulting me for them!!!!

So... Only a qualified specialist in these areas can really determine the cause of your child's behavior.  I would advise having him seen by a qualified specialist ASAP, hope that helps some =)
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