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A 6 year old with acrylic nails

After staying at her fathers residence my 6 year old daughter has returned with acrylic nails. Although I am furious about this I am being told by him that this is perfectly safe. It does not feel right to me...
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well i am a nail tech.
shes TO YOUNG to be having those put on.
it does slowly damage your natural nail..........if they are gettin her started on it now at 6 her natural nails will be damaged in no time.
shes wayyyyyyy to young to even worry about this kind of thing
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My 10 yr. old wants to get acrylic nails because her sister (21) & I have them.  I say,  
NO WAY JOSE!!!!!!!
I am a manicurist, this is not a good thing.  I wouldn't have them if I could grow my own nails.  I wish my older daughter wouldn't have them either, as she has beautiful natural nails.  But she is old enough to make these choices for herself.  Every once in awhile I let my 10 yr. old  get a pack of those little girl press on nails.  I would not let her glue them on either.

I would be concerned as to what else is going on in that house,  Why is he trying to make her grow up too fast!  Not good!  I would have them removed as soon as possible, and ask him to consult with you in the future with regard to such things.  What's next a perm, makeup, high heels, etc. etc......no this is not normal!  I say the youngest I would allow them would be 16 and only for a special occasion.

Good Luck!
God bless,
^j^ aka momeluv
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nope i have a 6 yr old and she does same thing "mommy u have them and they are pretty and i want them too" and my answer...NO
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I was trained as a nail tech too and hate to buck the crowd but I doubt there will be any serious damage unless she continues to use them. I am a teacher now and have students who have them at eight. The real issue is the message her little brain is getting, that she needs to enhance herself and that her dad (the most important male role model in her life) values beauty so highly and might somehow find her lacking. I agree that around 10, lee press on nails are fun to experiment with, but most 6 yr olds don't even grow out their nails! It makes it so hard to play! He DEFINITELY should have consulted you...
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i want some!and i know where to by some from i saw some today in claires.
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hello i am an eleven year old girl and i have acrylic. ive been getting them ever since my birthday wich was in june and i think if a child wants to get acrylic nails than its up to there mom ,and my mom thinks that it is perfectly fine but everytime i get them when they start to fall off and the process is completely done i take a breather for a while than start  back to get them,but i do understand why a  six year old gets the no answer but i think that kids should live a little, but seeing that im a kid my vote doesnt matter......good bye..........my opinion.
I totally agree with you
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doesnt anyone care about the chemical effects, why do you think the nail techs wear mask??? they are harsh on adults could you imagine how hard they are on your kids??? I happen to be in the industry and understand the chemical effects...it is painful for adults imagine a lil one with softer nails bed and more prone to chemicals...really! Your nails heal after about 2weeks after properly having them removed by a proffessional. I only get my done for special occasions.. and I am 30.
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When I was little my mother would get her nails done. And I would constantly beg her to let me get mine done, so to make me think I was getting them she would let me get my nails painted an with a French tip and I would be the happiest little girl in the world. You can try that and see if it helps.
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i am an 11 year old girl and my friends get them all the time,but people say that they are not good for kids nails,but if a parent has them and say no to their daughters with thier nails right in front of the kids face i can see how they get upset.If i were a parent and my kid wanted them and i had them and the kid was like 6-10 i would get my nails taken off until they were old anough to get them..... Thats just my opinion though!!!
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I am a lisenced nail tech and I do about 8 sets of nails a day. Nails before high school is a BIG NO! It can cause a lot of problems with the nail plate, but the biggest one I that he nails aren't fully matured yet and that they cannot handle having product anchored to them. Putting nails on a child can cause onycotrophia, waiting away of the nail plate an several other things that are dangerous.
Gigibair, have you ever been to a salon that isn't a Vietnamese nail salon? You don't see most American nail techs wearing masks because our product that is made an purchased here in the u is harmless. Product purchased from china or Vietnam contains mma which is bad for you and is why they wear masks because they know it. The US needs to crack down on that
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Is there any nail shops near west mifflin that will do my nails I'm 11
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im 10 do you think i can get myn done in june because it uis my 10th bday then
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BBut as a parent we have earned that right something must be wrong here cause I my self do my nails and my 6 year old she see them and thinks they are pretty but she ask if a can paint hers some color. She told me no worry moms but you nails stink very bad. She hates the smell I don't let my child run eild. When she wants something and I think it is inappropriate for her I say no and explain to her why. But I will discipline her if she needs it will a talking to. This is what is wrong withk kids today no discipline no morals, we need to start paying close attention to  our kids .
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I think it is fine for a child to have fake nails but definately not acrylics. I think 10 and under should not have acrylics. However, fake nails are pwrfectly fine. They are way more affordable and theyre less maitenence for the child.
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So i do my daughters nails i started when she was six, painted before that age. Now the fake nails i do are press on, with glue. Now so it doesnt hurt their finger nails as their still maturing i have learned if u put clear coat on first , let dry,  then glue fake nails and then add all the color, glitter n three de stuff, it will eve tually fall off. Last longer then ten sec push on once n after washing her hands alot etc. They pop off no damage cuz the clear coat is still there like a protective layer. She feels good at the same time they dont ruin her nails. Now shes 8i still do this n told her not tell shes 12 atleast will i considered acrylic. She understands as i explained everything to her as i did here. Now for the fake glued on nails they have lasted as short as three days n as long as a week. Depends on her age n how active she is n how much in water. When she was six id say a day to three days at most. As long as that clear coat is on first they just pop off no damage. If that helps other parents n pre teens. Or young ones like mine.
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