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Bad attitude first grader

My husband and I met when my son, Malachy, was three.  His bilogical father was not involved much in his life but his grandparents were very much so. my new husband and i had a son and the Malachy child began to know husband2 as dad. The relationship with Malachy and his paternal family slowly faded. We moved out of state and the other side stopped calling all together. Malachy never mentions them much. When he was a two years old, he had been kicked out of several daycares for fighting other children and biting teachers.At three, I sent him to a psychiatrist who assured me it was ADHD and tried meds. The first and only 24 hours he was medicated he was twenty times as hyper and uncontrollable. We began to take him to church and my new husband and i set up consistent disciplinary actions. He settled down alot by four and was a big brother too. Now at age six, we cannot control his back talking, or bad attitude. Nothing makes him happy, and when we go above and beyond for special time with him, he does not appreciate it at all. Really, never happy. He has also become obsessed with the opposite sex and has realized his penis becomes hard when he sees a "hot girl." Not to mention bad under pit odor since he was five? Can all this extra testosterone be a problem. What am i doing wrong and how can i fix all this behavior!!!!!!! Please help
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how old is your child? 6
he sounds like he is watching adult tv, maybe you can get him into some type of christian or unitarian church
teach him that is is ok to have urges, but not ok to have certain behavior from those urges
his symptoms sound more like oppositional defiance or bi-polar than adhd, thats aweful your doctor put him on adhd meds
usually medical professionals start with adhd meds, then move onto sri anti-depressants
it takes a long time to diagnose someone, it takes years!!!!
we had several problems in our family in 2004, we tried medication, therapy, different school,
now we use positive reinforcement, and i homeschool, i hired a tutor and a life coach to help me get started, but now i am becoming more confident that my family will survive the aweful things we went through in 2004
never loose hope, where theres a will theres a way
anyone activly seeking help with find it
start reading parenting books, you can get them free from the library, i take my kids to the library on weds.
they play on the computer and i read parenting books, its a great experience for both of us
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