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Bizzare behavior

My daughter is 9 years old . She is a very difficult child has been from the beginning.she won't sleep on her own . Screams if we eat in front of her will only eat certain foods . Will only wear certain clothes to the point she wouldn't wear underwear. I'm dreading school starting again as she refuse to get up early if she's still tired. She's so disrespectful and down right mean to me all the time! At school she's fine and very very intelligent. At home she's mean to me and her dad and brother . If we wiggle our foot or sniff too loudly she has a huge outburst ! I'm at my wits end I don't know what to do . Life is pretty miserable . I describe it as 9 years of HELL !!!! What can I do ??!!
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So at school she's actually socially well-adjusted and is rarely a behavior problem?  Does she have friends among her peers?
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Ground her. She seels to be treating you lot like rubbish. Make her aware you gave her birth and she should show you and her father some respect otherwise punishment.  Your too light with her.
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Sounds like she was brought up a certain way that made her that way. Evaluate what she is exposed to via tv and everything. If she is exposed to such things that she should not be exposed to then remove those things. Discipline her but don’t smack her. She’s still developing. Teach her right from wrong and raise her up the way she should go. Do a lot of evaluating. Evaluate the environment she grew up in and currently is evaluate the things she’s been exposed to and the things she is exposed to now.
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