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EXTREMELY Immature 9 year old girl

I am the mother of 2 adult children, a boy and a girl, now in their 20's.  My stepdaugther is 9 and lives with her mother.  She is EXTREMEMLY immature for ehr age compared to what my children were at 9.  She crawls around on teh floor, speaks in baby voices, calls her fatehr Dadda and rarely sleeps thrugh the night without crying for Dadda (like an infant).  She picks at her food like a two year old would and enjoys watching tv shows suitable for a preschooler.  She will also throw tantrums in a grocery store (literally stomping and screaming or laying on the floor yelling i hate you) if she does not get her way. Additionally this child has no manners and please and thank you seem to be a foreign language.  Is there something wrong with her (ADD some sort of delay, I don't know?)???  It just seems that she is so completely far behind other girls her age.  Physically she is beginning to develop, so I am conserned taht her emotional immaturity will soon put her in a vulnerable place when it comes to boys.  She doesn't have any friends at school--she seems to compeltely lack in social skills as well.  HELP!!!!!
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If she lives with her mom she may just be acting like this for attention since her dad has a new life n other kids his or not she might be jelous also maybe she isn't getting the love n attention of her mother she deserves I have a step daughter who's mom parties alot n she has been forced to grow up fast also she doesn't get alot of time with her mom cause of the fact her moms friends are always around n so she comes here n acts up but I've been trying to give her what she is missing at home n my husband works on it too we tell her how much we love her like we love our children together n her behavior over time has improved a great deal all she needed was to feel her age n someone to make her feel impor
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It seems to me that she may need to be evaluated by a professional.  Although, the attention thing may be a big factor, she may very well have something wrong.  Either that or she has simply never been taught the way that she should behave.  Manners and boundaries are learned behaviors that should have been introduced at a much younger age.  If there is nothing wrong mentally, I suggest investing in every season of SuperNanny and putting her suggestions to work!
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