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How can I help my son?

My son is 9 years old and just recently (within the last few weeks) started having irrational fears.  He has to sleep bathed in light from head to toe, with his door open, and persists to ask every night to sleep in my 6 year old daughter's room and for me to leave my door open.  He wakes up several times a night crying and then won't go back to sleep.  We end up waking up in the morning and he's either on the couch or in my daughter's room and all the lights in the house are on.  When I ask him what he is afraid of, he says he doesn't know and that he's just scared.  I've tried to play it off like it is a cry for attention, but he is actually scared.  Last night he woke up at two in the morning, paced around the house, and then woke my daughter up at 4 am.  He never went back to sleep.  It's even gone so far that now he will not go to the front bathroom, he insists on showering and using the restroom in my bathroom and only if I am in the room.  If he calls for me and I don't answer quickly he will literally jump out of the shower and run around the house looking for me freaking out.  I'm not sure where any of this is coming from!
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It seems to me that something has happened , who does he spend a lot of time with , has he seen any TV that is inappropiate for his age or the PC...has he babysitters older siblings could be making him feel upset and afraid , no doubt there is a problem , check the dynamics in the house and in your lives ..something is out of sinc ...
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It sounds like something major has happen (may not be major to u but to him it is).  Anythign could have set him off.  For instance when I was 12 my house burned to the ground which through me in to a trust issue with my parents.  I refused to do anything without them not even go to school.  When our house was built back and we moved back in, everything went back to normal with me like nothing had ever happened.  But i do know it drove my parents crazy...they took me to a psycologist for 6 months and i refuse to talk about it with her....I am not sure how u should go about finding out what happen but something did..  Children dont just change negatively overnight....He seems really scared so i would cater to him as much as u can and hopefully he will build his trust back up enough to tell u what happened....hope this helps.
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