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I Love you

I am not sure what to do or think for that matter... I really need some guidance.

My 9 year old son came home today and mentioned that he had been dumped by his little girlfriend at school. I gave him a cuddle and told him not to worry about it as I am sure things will work out. He seemed appeased by this until we got home. He said he wanted to write a letter to the little girl and that he wanted some private time, so I gave him this and did a few house hold chores.

By the time I was done he had finished his letter and was extremely upset. I gave him another cuddle and asked if he was ok. He assures me that he was, but he wanted me to read his letter as he wanted some help with it. This is what it read, word for word...

Listen M.... I need you.
I know you are going out with L..., but I'm a wreck with out you. Please I hardly can think with out you. Anyway you don't match with L... I don't know what to do with the others. Please M... Or otherwise I'll always have a sad face on me.

My concern is that this is a very deeply emotional letter for a 9 year old child. I can only judge by my own development, which was VERY fast, but nothing like this. I am not sure how to deal with this, or even if it’s normal. I feel so guilty that I feel this way and that I have betrayed my son's confidence in me by seeking advice from others...

Some guidance, please.
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Is he around older childre.folks as it could be he is emulating them,has he any older siblings or family , even babysitters with boyfriends I agree he is a bit young to feel so strongly, is the little girl the same age, does he just see her at school?and the little girl is going out with another child , well maybe they do start somewhat younger, however it would be good to find out what time they have a school to have close friends , maybe get him involved with a sport he could use an outlet for his exhuberance , ask Dad to get involved with fun and hefty ball games. Good Luck
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He (your child) is simply depressed. Talk to him about being a stalker (for to me and just my opinon) and try to show him the line between simply wanting to get back together and stalking. Then tell him to instead of "Anyway you don't match with L..." put "If you don't want to get back together I hope you have a good life with L...", plain and simple as that (stalker part is optional, but it is a good talk to have if he is going to be in relationships).
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