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More family activities involving a 9 year old

We, as a family, are trying to think of ways to stay entertained at home .. something that doesn't involve the tv or computers. We have some board game, but that gets boring (especially to my husband).  I'd like a big project that would take a long time to complete.. just wondering what other families do to keep entertained.

Thanks in advance.
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Scharades, everyone thinks of a  movie or a DVD and acts it out , you all sit in a group and then one does the acting and you have to guess the movie, you can do it with little kids and get them to act like an animal, all age groups love this game.We also played pass the parcel at Xmas in England when I was a kid, my mom wrapped up a gift and wrapped it in a lot of wrappings that would come off, so then you all sit in a circle and pass the wrapped gift around, I suggest a lot of wrappings so it is BIG, then someone plays the Music, when it stops the person who has the gift tears off a wrapping then start the music again, goes on and on till near the end and the persom left holding the gift at the end of the unwrapping gets the gift!!
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We all (mom, dad, 11, 11, and 9 yr old girls) love cards (31, crazy 8ts), yaghtzee, and pop-a-matic trouble. They are simple, fun and best of all mostly based on luck (and a little help on occasion) so everyone has a chance to win. We have all the board games but always come back to these 3. Great family tradition, great memories for the kids, even better family time.
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