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My son starting puberty already?


I have a 6 year old son, and I've noticed within the past year that he penis has rapidly increased in development and has seemed to have gotten quite big for his age. Because he walks around the house in underwear quite a bit, I've noticed that he seems to be getting noticeable erections through his underwear, also about 8 out of 10 times that I go to check on him in the shower, he seems to have an erection. I am quite concerned, so I've asked some of the mums that I know quite well who also have sons in my sons year at school, about if they have noticed anything with their son recently, I asked 4 mums and they all said that they had not really noticed anything dramatic, and that they would consider their sons to be of normal size for their age, they said that they get the odd erection sometimes but is not really that common. Me and 2 others of the mums I asked, we and their sons usually go swimming on a Sunday, and in quick comparison, you can clearly see a difference between my son and their sons, and the other mums agree. One of the other mums had the good idea of trying to get a measurement of their size, so we all found a way to get a measurement of their size when erect, and both the other mums sons turned out to be about 1 and a half inches, and my son turned out to be a shockingly big 5 and half inches. I've also noticed that his hairs on his legs are getting a little more defined and he also seems to be just starting to grow a little bit of pubic hair. As well, when ever he does have an erection, he foreskin seems to have slid back just a little so you can see the tip of his penis, although his foreskin does still seem to be relatively tight. Because of all this, especially when he starts to grow more defining pubic hair, I am worried what other people will think in the ladies changing rooms at the swimming pool about my son, especially mums with young daughters and teenage girls themselves, because my son is too young to be sent into the mens changing room by himself.

Let me know what you think and what the best course of action is, also whether anyone has had any similar problems with their own son or any other mums son that you know of.

Ellie Piper
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If you have concerns regarding your son's physical development, you really need to get this evaluated by an MD.  
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How big is his willy
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