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Neglect, possible child endangerment by public school?

I normally don't post in this forum because thankfully I've never had any behavioral problems out of my 11 yr old son.  I've recently withdrawn him from the local public school system after finding out he had been being teased/bullied/sexually harassed by some students over the past month.  The most extreme incident was told to my son's principal & assistant principal by my son on Feb 29 & I did not know about it until March 21 when I went to the school  with intentions of withdrawing him because he finally told me about some other incidents during the last few weeks. He was embarrassed is why he said he didn't say anything sooner. My son had been an honor roll student until the last report card so I knew something was bothering him. I'm just glad I found out now...of course I wish he'd told me sooner, but who can blame the poor child when the other(most extreme) incident didn't seem important enough to the principal & assistant principal to inform me or do anything about it?

I just wonder with the principal & assistant principal knowing & not informing me about it nor doing anything about it at all, would that be considered child endangerment since there was nothing done or reported?

I went straight to the superintendent after I left the school, & she knows everything now. I've been asked 4 times if I would reconsider bringing him back...ummmmm, not in this lifetime. I've already enrolled him in a private Christian school, which isn't going to be cheap, I'm a single parent, no child support or alimony, & I'm waiting on a complete copy of his disciplinary record, which I was told I would have to have a court order for by the principal when I asked for a copy (even superintendent said she didn't think that was true that I needed court order-she's new but whatever), I guess she's getting broke in really well thanks to me...

I have contacted an attorney, so if I don't have his records in my hands by Monday afternoon, they'll get more than just a court order in theirs....

I'm more torn up about this than my son thankfully, he's excited about his new school, & I'm having problems coping with the fact that I trusted them with one of my most prized possessions (my 2 children, daughter is 19 & away at college&.also outraged about all of this) & they knew this was going on & didn't tell me? The princ said "well some parents react & some don't" when I asked her why I wasn't notified when my son told her? I told her "that wasn't your decision to make whether to tell me or not! I'm withdrawing my son immediately & I'm going straight to the superintendent when I leave here" she was mumbling about if I'd reconsider letting him stay because tcaps(state testing) was coming up &he'd have problems being placed back in public school if he didn't have this year's testing & blah blah blah is all I heard.as I walked out of her office while dialing the superintendent's office # on my cell phone.

Please talk to your kids about bullying, teasing, inappropriate advances/sexually orientated suggestive language...this is happening everywhere & part of this was my son was being teased & called gay & he isn't gay, I'm blessed to know that I've instilled enough moral value in my son that he knows what is right as far that goes...I'm just going to have to work on gaining his trust back in adults since he has been let down by so many at school...
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Good post and I thank you on behalf of others ..There is indeed a lot of bullying in schools and its up to parents and teachers to stop it and get to the bottom and the perpetrators. Are teachers walking round with eyes shut ..do they not see it , and stop it ....
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