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No More PEE!!

I'm beat.  I have three children.  Two boys, ages 7 and 5 with birthdays in January, and a daughter who will be 2 this month.  My sons will not stop wetting their pants.  2 or 3 times a day.  Some days I decide that I'm not going to pay any attention to it, and they'll spend all day running around with wet pants.  It doesn't even bother them enough to change their clothes.  When I do pay attention to it, nothing works.  No positive reenforcement, no negative reenforcement.  Recently I gave them each a digital watch.  It beeps on the hour.  The watch was to serve as their personal reminder to use the bathroom.  For a couple of days, it worked so well.  I thought we were finally in the clear.  But the newness of the watches quickly wore off and now they don't pay any attention to them.  I can't stand the smell of pee anymore!  It's on them all the time.  It permeates my laundry room due to the 2 or 3 changes of clothes per child every day.  I'm losing my mind.  What on earth is the deal?  I just can't take it anymore, but I'm completely exhausted and SO tired of trying to come up with yet another method for encouraging them to keep themselves dry.  And the laundry.... I told my husband if he can't find me when he gets home, I may be drowning in the mounds of pee'd in clothing.  Gross!  There has to be a solution for this.  What should I do?  I feel like a horrible mother.  Like I failed to potty train them correctly, although they both had dry pants for about a year after they were potty trained.  
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It's one of two things...1) Laziness or 2) A medical problem.. Take them to their pediatrician. If it is just due to laziness and not caring then you need to be stict with them, for example no T.V., no toys, etc.
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I have the same problem with my son who is almost 7.  I get calls from the school almost daily.  My son says that he cannot feel it and I am beginning to believe him b/c he is so embarrassed.  I have taken him to the doctor they told me that there is a condition that prevents children from feeling the poop or pee coming out.  Dr told me to give my son two enimas and milk of magnesia to clean him out.  I did it and he is still having the problem.  We are going back to the dr next week.  Any suggestions???
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Try putting the 7yr old and 5yr old on pull ups or Goodnights and if they are too big for pull ups then adult diapers, that will at least save the laundry, the smell and you so much hard work! Then like Gina said try taking them to the doc to see if there's a medical problem causing it and also see what he suggests if it's not physical but emotional behaviour causing it. But at least the pull ups or adult diapers can be a start.
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I feel your pain. Well, half of it. I have 5 kids, 1 in diapers still & a 6yr old I've been tempted to put back in them for peeing his pants daily. but I cant because Im not sure if its something he can help or not. We have taken him to specialist who say he will outgrow it & made alot of the same suggestions you've already tried. I did want to offer advise as someone with mounds of clothes to wash daily... have them wash, dry & fold their own laundry as a natural consequence. My son has been doing his since he was 5. It hasnt made him stop peeing in them but it did cut back on MY loads & keeps the rest of the family's clothes from smelling like urine. Also if you add a little bit of amonia in your wash cycle with the detergent (as long as theres no bleach) will take out the smell but be gentle on the clothes that are repeatedly washed. And if you pour a small amount into a small dish ( I use an empty baby food jar) and leave it in their room or laundry room or where ever over night it will absorb the oder. Hope this can be a little help for you.  
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Children like to copy each other, so beware as your two year old may soon complete the trio team....Did you consider that giveing them a pleasing watch is like rewarding
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.....cont....rewarding them for wetting theselves....It may work if you reward them with something they enjoy after they have you witness there genuine toilet visits...A follow up could be you taking away some enjoyment when they wet....If you suceed first with the elder one, I believe they will naturally become mentors to the two younger ones.....Regards Ray.
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