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Seeing Ghost!! Need advice for 8 year old son

Ok I was not sure where to post this so I am going to post this in the Children's forum and then in the Asperger forum. If you see it in both places please be patient with me I am not sure where this question lies.

To start from the beginning, my dh, the kids, and I went to a friends house Saturday night. On our way home from our friends house it was late and the other two children had fallen asleep. My 8 year old Asperger son out of the blue mind you says to me and his father, "I need to talk to the preacher,  I have to be baptised right away. I keep seeing ghost all around me and they are scaring me." He said without skipping a beat. "Things happen and people die all the time and sometimes I can see their ghosts. Sometimes I see these scary black ghosts."  Not sure what to say to him all I could do is ask ok describe them to me. He said " the black ones I can't really tell what they are but they are black ghost or spirits I am not sure mom but they are the ones that scare me." " the other ones are just dead people that are ghosts now".  We changed the subject and started talking about other things.

I tried to let him speak to our preacher the next day but my DH just wanted me to ignore what he said and see if it blows over. The only problem is this is not the first time he has told me he sees ghosts. The last time he was about 5 years old and told me he could see a ghost in our house. In a room that not even the animals would go in.

How do I handle this? Do I let him talk to our pastor or do I drop it and see what happens?
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not sure what to say but if you believe what he says you should try out this site,, www.walkwithspirit.co.uk
there very good and can help you to help your son. if what he is saying is true,well it must be very upsetting for him and no child deserves to be afraid like that.i jioned that site because i had a simular problem and they were very helpful..
hope that helps
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I tried to open that site but it errored out on me.
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first i wanted to say that the black spirits or apparitions and usually not good they are evil..But, that is not to say they are trying to harm your son. However i would allow him to talk to a preacher, the message he said about needing to be baptized that was a message coming from God. Your son sounds like he is very troubled with this, it couldn't hurt anything if he talked to a preacher . He may even be able to help your son make it stop..i know it is a scary thing for you alos to have your son see ghost, but some people can its pretty natural i would only be worried about the dark ones, the ones that scared him. They are not good at all..Hope this helps Good luck Peace and God Bless
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Thank you for the advice. I did plan to call our preacher and allow him to talk to my son. He has seen them again and can describe them in detail. He even points to where they are and apparently both the ghosts he sees as normal people and the black spirits are around us all the time, accourding to my son.
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Yeah i would definitely talk to a preacher...I mean if it were my son and he said he saw ghost the ones that arent dark and they didnt look harmful i probably wouldn't worry so much because alot of people can see ghost, but for the dark spirits,  it dosent sound safe to me. I always heard the dark ones are evil and they are there with him for some reason, i couldnt tell you what the reason is because i dont know, but they of all of them would scare e the most...Lots of thumbs up  for calling the preacher he can help alot. Also does your son have any kind of anger issues or depression or is he around any, because sometimes dark spirits can be a malformation of what he is feeling inside..Please keep me up to date on this i am worried about your son..Peace and God Bless
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We will meet with the preacher tomorrow. Since tonight is Bible study it would not be a good night.  

Yes my son does have a very bad temper. He has been put on multiple medications trying to find one to help with his anger but none has seem to work without making him a zombie. The last one they had him on was Abilify. That made him sleep all day so I took him off. I also have to take him back to his pyschologist and Autism doctor tomorrow before school starts so that we can figure out the best thing to help him with school.  
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As a kid I used to see things. My mother told me it was my imagination. I used to act out in frustration and anger that no one would beleive me. The ghost i saw were every where. some didnt bother me it was the dark ones that seemed to sence that i was afraid and hang aroud that scared me. When i was 13. for about 3 months every single night there was somthing dark and evil that would sit on the foot of my bed. Our dog stoped sleepin with me. My little sister stoped coming over to talk and giggle when light went out. I never got sleep I was terrified of the dark. Then one morning while i was eating my breakfest alone. I heard my name bein hissed. That was it I couldnt take no more. I went to church myself and beged for help. I was told i was basicaly a medium, I could sence things most people couldnt. I was shown how to deal with all of this through my faith. I strongly encourage you to listen to him. It might cure his anger problems and his fear. Its a scary thing to think your kid can see things. Dont let him go through it alone, just because you cant see it dosnt mean its not there. Dont you beleive in God. You cant see him but you love him and know he is there.
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I have thought my son might be a medium since he was able to tell me I was pregnant a month before I knew I was. He even told me I was having a baby girl and sure enough I had a baby girl.  I do believe he is seeing something and with him being Autistic his mind works differently then ours and he may have a more open mind. Also there are strange occurences that have happened in my house that make me believe someone or something is in my house.

Thank you for your advice!
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Your son is a medium psychic, I believe. He needs to talk to someone who knows what he is going through. Like, someone who is familiar with the paranormal, another medium. Theres a show on tv about children psychics. Can't think of the name, but check into it. I know he must be scared. Good luck.
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I have seen shadow people, who are harmless, so I don't know what is is your son sees. It's true black figures can be evil. So, He needs to be safe. Also, find out what these spirits are doing. Are they touching him> Have they threatened him in any way? Pastors and priests do not believe in ghosts. Only demons. Demons have never been born. Ghosts are spirits of the dead, and the church does not believe spirits come back. I do.
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What your son is seeing is not ghosts but demons. Tell your son to say this if/when he sees them again... "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, leave me alone!" The demons tremble at that name (Jesus). When i was younger I used to see demons and it scared me so bad. My mom would pray all over the house and rebuke them in Jesus name and taught me what I needed to do. That is what they fear and dont want you to find out that you have authority thru Jesus to make them leave you alone. Dont take my word for it, try it. It could be that what your son said he needs to do is a way of hope and a message from God and a hand out of what is most likely a very stressful situation he is experiencing. Take him to see your preacher and tell him everything. He doesnt need to be around other mediums or spiritually open minded people, he doesnt need to embrace this, he doesnt need to find out what these 'ghosts' want to tell him because they are bad news and want nothing but harm, they are not good. It is scaring him and he wants help. My son is autistic and the fact your son told you that they scare him I know is big so help your son to make it stop. Tell the demons to leave your son and your family alone in Jesus name and pray, pray, pray with authority over them. I wish your family the best and you are in prayers. (((hugs)))
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Thank you for your advice!  Since our last incident and he spoke with our preacher at church. Not sure what is said I left that between my son and the preacher, but something must have helped because he hasn't said it anymore. He hasn't even acted scared to walk around our own house or to venture outside in the dark.

I will try that next time he sees one and my preacher isn't ready just yet to baptise Toby but believes that when the time comes we will all know.
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My son is going through something very similar.  He's seven years old and was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was about two years old. I suggest that you remove all toys, clothing, books, etc, with skulls and anything pertaining to negativity. We threw away so many toys; even the toys that they gave him from local eateries.

We continue to pray every day and night and I did another clean sweep; hoping this will remove the negative energy from our home. I know for sure that my son is seeing images; he's fearful of the black ones. I would say that they are demonic because my son clings to me and he's extremely fearful. I am hoping that the project that we are finishing today will remove all of the negative energy out of our lives because it is becoming exhausting dealing with it. God bless!
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I saw a strange sight in our bean field the 15 th of june. 9:00 p.m. I was watchin fireworks in the sky. I saw a tent with a shadowy figure on the left insidehe, to the right corner a small fire was flickering. I was mad because no one was supposed to be in our field, and I couldn't stop looking at it. Next day my husband said the renters weren't camping out. I've been freaked out ever since. In the past I've had visions that have come true, but never this outthere. My dog even saw it.


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