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Is ti okay for my 10 yr old daughter to sleep in my bed
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I think she may be more comfortable in a bed of her own ,usually as they come up to puberty they want their own privacy anyway however ..many parents sleep with their children indeed it is very common in Europe, so its really a matter of choice ,if you have a husband/partner I would think you would all be better off if she had her own room.its up to you .....
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I think it depends on your history and context (e.g., has she always slept with you, or is it a new development?).

My daughter is 16, and still comes in to sleep with me once in a while. It usually means she's stressed about something and can't get to sleep, or feels sick, or one of us is traveling so we won't see each other for a few days.

Adolescent development is always two steps forward, one steps back, so if she needs to "regress" sometimes in this way, I think it's important for me to be there and support her. Often she just needs to talk, and will go back to her own room afterward (if we don't fall asleep first).

If she's just started doing this after being on her own, it might mean she's feeling anxiety about something and is insecure. If she's always slept with you, I'm sure that sometime soon she will be developmentally ready and want to stay by herself, at least most of the time. I would provide a separate room and bed for her, but not force her into it (which she might interpret as rejection and respond by becoming clingy in other ways).

It's like showering with them; they love it at age 2, but at some point soon after they just stop on their own. You don't have to kick them out. Similarly, I would expect her to one day soon decide on her own that she wants to stay in her own room -- and certainly by puberty.
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