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strep throat vs allergies...cigarette smoke/pet hair

I posted this in another forum (and got a great answer!), but thought I would post here too!

Let me give you background first...DH has a daughter 7, she lives with her mom 3 days/week and with us for 4 days/week. When she's with her mom, she's in a house with 3 smoking adults, 4 other children, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She has just moved into this house with her mom's BF and his kids and the smoking within the last 4 months. DH hates the smoking issue and has talked to her mom about it SEVERAL times trying to figure something out. (We don't smoke or have any pets.)

Well, she has had strep throat 6 times in the last 5 months. DH and I don't know what to do! We hate that she has been on so many antibiotics in the last 5 months, it's been almost continuous for the enitire 5 months. We ask to go to dr with her and her mom says "I've got it under control and will call you when we're done". We want her to see an ENT (ear, nose & throat dr) or get a second opinion on what we can do about having the strep throat so much. Also, find out if the cigarette smoke and pets have anything to do with her having the strep throat, constant runny nose, cough and ear aches. We think it does, her mom doesn't. What do you guys think? She rarely had any problems before she moved. Of course, she was sick from time to time with the normal kid stuff, but not near this much. We just need some more advice/opinions before we take the next step with her mom (whatever that may be!).

So how do you think the constant cigarette smoke & pets/pet hair are affecting her? Maybe, strep has nothing to do with the smoke & pets and she has allergies to these things that are causing her runny nose, ear aches and cough?? We hate that she feels miserable!
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well I think pet hair and pets are okay unless she is allergic to them , the smoking is another matter, have you spoken to her mom about it ,sounds like you have , I see she is with you most time , does she like splitting between the two houses ? I am not certain there would be a connection with the strep , ask her doctor ,he will know ., that as she doesn't like it and we know its a health hazard that the mom should address, so you have to get firm about it. I believe both parents in a child's life is a good thing, so working this out will help your daughter . good luck
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