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14 yr old girl....help!!!

My daughter is 14, just been labeled depressed (thanks to the ex) and has ADHD. In the past month she has been doing things I never thought she would ever do. She is my second girl and I didn't have any of these problems with her sister. I feel like I have done or not done something and it's driving me crazy.

She has lied to my face over and over. She takes things of mine of her sisters without asking and keeps them.

This past week I have found her sending pictures to boys over the internet that she doesn't even know. She gets on her phone at 3am to talk to these boys and I don't know if they are boys or perverts.

I have taken away her I Pod and her phone. No internet access. She is seeing a psychiatrist and I am setting her up with a counselor. I don't know what else to do.

It is causing problems with me and my husband (her step dad). He feels I'm too soft. I feel he's too hard. He loves her like his own but his anger towards her is making her feel he hates her and I know that is not helping the situation.

I feel like I'm losing my mind and my family.....ideas????
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