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18 year old brother refuses to go to school almost daily. Help?

My 18 yo brother refuses to go to school almost every day. He is a Senior and he thinks just because he is graduating that it means he can slack off. He had 4 Fs out of 8 classes. (The other grades aren't so good either.) Every morning, he has 2 different ways to go to school. He can catch the bus, or Get a ride from my uncle. (Sometimes I'm there long enough away from work i take him) yet he refuses to go. He centers himself around his gaming computer all the time when he's not at school. He never leaves the house and I know there's no drug use. I feel like he's being bullied and isn't telling us. He is taking meds to help with depression. Sometimes he screws around until my uncle has to be at work to get ready. If anyone tells him to get ready, he either gets defensive and yells, completely ignores us, or says he's not going. There are some days where he goes without trouble. Those are rare. Any suggestions?
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Argh.  So hard.  Well, reality is coming for your brother.  I'd let him know.  He's probably messed up his college chances as schools look at what you do that last year with scrutiny because it tells a lot if someone stops trying.  I'd ask him what his goal is for the future?  Trade school?  Community college?  Then I'd show him a list of the household bills.  And I'd let him know how much is rent is starting on graduation day, how much his food will cost, how much his electric will cost, etc.  He needs to get an adult plan together to be an adult.  Make it clear and hold him to it.  That may motivate him a bit more.  Hope so.
By the way, in my area, you have to have so many days IN school for it to qualify for the year.  And state law is if you miss 5 consecutive days, you have to have approval to return.  You can call the police if he is truant.  Extreme but he is putting you in a bad situation.

One other option you can look into is alternative graduation opportunities.  We have those in our district/   Kids can do home school via internet OR do an excelerated class that is about 6 weeks long and then over.  Both are just ways to get someone their diploma when they are on the verge of dropping out.  
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