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My 13 year old nephew seems to have ADD according to his school. I have always noticed that something was going on with him because of his attitude and way of being. He gets distracted easily and if you tell him something it's like he's not even paying attention and he is doing really bad at school. I know that he will need to go with a health professional as soon as possible. My main concern is that my sister doesn't want to let him know that he has that disorder because she thinks that he will use that as an excuse to not do good in school or at home. But I don't understand how that will help him, I feel that he needs to know so he can try to change & make him self feel better. He's going to notice that he does have something once he gets checked and is going to ask a lot of questions. Do y'all think he should know? please help.
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Do y'all think he should know?  --  your words

Of course he should know.  He's not a baby or an idiot.  My guess is that he feels there is already something "major" wrong with him, and he would feel relieved to know the issue is relatively "minor" in the larger scheme of things.  After all, treatment can make a huge difference in the life of a a person with ADD.  As for an excuse for not doing well in school - this is just silly and probably a sign of "denial".  Please urge your sister to seek help and advice for your nephew as soon as possible.  All the best ...
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I agree.  He should be informed because that is his right as a person.  My ten year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten.  She has tried to use her ADHD as an excuse or a crutch but it is my job and her teacher's job not to let her.  She can try all she wants to but she 's not going to get away with it.  Yes, please tell your sister that it is in her son's best interest to seek the advice of a professional.  It may not even be ADD; it could be something else, but at least you will know and be able to do something about it.
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