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At what point do you stop being your kids personal driver?

I have been raising my twin niece and nephew since they were 14, they will be 18 in a few days. My nephew was very excited to drive, he got his learners at 16. However, he has since decided not to pursue his license as he doesn’t want to pay car insurance.
The problem is he needs rides to work, sports, friends, etc. If the weather is nice and it is not late, he will ride his bike.
I’ve noticed some of his friends use Uber to get around. He will, but prefers not to as he doesn’t want to spend the money. I find that interesting as he blows his money on music, gaming, junk food, etc.
I’m tired of driving him around. Is it wrong of me to tell him I won’t anymore and that he has to use Uber? I won’t let him ride his bike after 9pm.
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You are kind to be raising your niece and nephew.  I hope a trauma hasn't happened in their life to cause this living arrangement.  

So, we parents and guardians do a lot of driving.  LOL  I have joked that I'm my sons' personal uber driver!  The mom taxi!!  Kids today do a lot of activities and need a lot of transportation.  My son's are not old enough to drive yet so it's just part of my daily routine.  But the kids in your household are.  What can you do to subsidize his car insurance?  If that truly is the only barrier, it might be worth paying for this!  Otherwise, if he is going to sports of school activities, so are other kids.  Can't he grab a ride?  Does he have friends or team mates in the activities that can transport him when it is too late to use his bike?  As a mom taxi myself . . .  I carpool with others all the time.  So, asking a friend or team mate to pick him up or drop him off shouldn't be too big of a deal.  Of course, I'm not sure riding a bike after dark is less dangerous than driving after dark with young friends.  

Anyway, you can have a talk with him about his independence.  Maybe make a job list at home that he can do in order to earn uber money or insurance money?  
---  that was MORE dangerous not less dangerous.  I worry about teens driving too was my point.
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