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I wondered what is happening to my daughter.
Last summer she was 160 cm tall and weighed 52 kg, she really hated that, always screaming that she is fat. After Christmas she got IBS. She can't eat loot of foods because her stomach hurts. The foods she could only eat were oatmeal, almond milk, buckwheat, less fat cheese, cucumbers, egg whites, yogurt, blueberries, and buttermilk. Later on she was able to eat salads, gluten, tomatoes, and milk. In June 2015, she finally recovered and could eat all food except potatoes. She lost loot of weight and was only 39 kg. In June she started to eat sweets,she can't stop. She waked up at night so nobody saw her and ate cakes, ice cream, candies, and etc.In begging of September she start to overeat foods, like chips, pizza, hummus, crackers, cheese, and everything she saw. Now she is 52 and hates her self, she want to lose weight and be 46 kg. Yesterday she overeat again, and today she didn't eat anything. She didn't eat lunch and breakfast. She sits in her room and read a book. When I asked her if she is hungry, she said that she is not. What could I do? Just leave her alone. I am afraid of that she don't eat anything.

Thanks, for reading.
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