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Does the wrong hair style attract the wrong crowd?

I have a friend who is 15 and she wants the scene look, and as y'all may know the scene look is all about the hair. She wants to dye her hair different colors, she wants to layer it, and have side bangs. Her parents are concerned that if she does this that she gonna be like a magnet to attract the wrong crowd. And her parents don't wanna deal with the crowd that she attracts based on this look. But however, since I am her best friend, I do believe in the freedom of expression and that she should have the freedom to express herself. Her parents are really protective and keep her under control. Her parents won't let her dye her hair and do anything with her looks that grabs attention. They are ultra conservative and anything outside of the "norm" is unacceptable in their household. Any thoughts? Thank you for your feedback.
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I'm not familiar with what this fad is about so I had to look it up. It's pretty funny because apparently these scene kids are totally into the stuff I grew up with, like Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and stuff of the 80s. Lol. Anyways they seem pretty harmless. They look completely ridiculous with that multicolor zebra hair but other than that I think it's just a fad that isn't likely to last past the 15 to 17 year old age group.

That being said however, since your friend's parents said no and she's only 15 then there's not much she can do about it. I know it stinks because that's a tough age when kids are trying to break free from their parents and be their own person. However,  looking like everyone else just because it's the "cool" thing to do isn't being an individual. It's being like everyone else, which isn't actually that cool. You and your friend should look for things that you like because you like it. Not because every other kid likes it and it's totally the "in" thing at the moment.

Better to be a trail blazer or a trend setter than to just be a sheep who does what everyone else is doing. I learned that early on in high school. I was the first girl who started taking the Auto Shop class to work on cars. Before me, there were no girls in that class, ever. But once I started signing up and word got around, other girls did too and by the time I graduated, the ratio of girls to guys was more even in the class. And it was because of me that it happened, which is way better than my signing up for Home Ec classes just because it's what all the other girls did.
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I think these are two different things,  Chima - being a leader and forging new opportunities for yourself is one thing,  but making yourself look kind of silly and ridiculous to mainstream population is another.  

But I also don't see much harm in rainbow hair - it does look silly,  but it doesn't communicate negativity like the Goth look or other troubling looks.  

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My daughter dyes her hair in different colour and go to school where almost no one have coloured hair... Once his mate mother that has green hair called her up: "Nice Hair!"
I let her dye her hair, inded i love her naturally blonde hair that is also very unusual for the country we live in (Brasil), so i guess she is used to attract attention because her hair eh eh
Back to the wrong crownd i don´t think it is looks that attract this kind of. I think there´s girls that wears fashion clothes but that are into any kind of drugs, so it is not looks that counts, it´s her attitude. Being away from bad attitudes will make her stay away from bad people , her coloured hair won´t.
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