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Found incredibly shocking videos and pictures on my sisters phone

Hello Parents, Even though I may not be a parent, I am incredibly worried about this: I took my sister's phone to copy songs from her iPod (erased mine) and stumbled across pictures that are making me shiver and sick when writing this.
I am 18 and my younger sister is going to be 15 in May and is in Junior High.
What I found in the photo section were videos and pictures of pornography. If it were only this, I wouldn't be posting though. The next pictures and videos were of here masturbating and nude pics of herself. My heart was pounding extremely fast and I felt sick to the stomach when looking. I know it was definitely not in my place to snoop around, but I am incredibly concerned about this action. I do watch pornography, but do not take naked pics and videos of myself. I do not know how to approach this. My sister is a kind quiet girl, who really doesn't talk much even to me. I am afraid this will stunt development.
In what ways could I help her as a brother?
Should I tell my parents?
Any advice will be appreciated.
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The only reason I can think of to take naked pictures of yourself and videos is if you are sending them to someone, i.e., sexting or even puting them on snapchat.  Did you happen to look at her texts as well?  Here are some worries that I would have as a parent.  One, she has met someone online somewhere and is sending pictures of herself.  Could be a child predator.  Two, sexting, if she is doing this, is a sex offense and a person who shows those pictures to others can be labeled as a sex offender and have to register as such.  How awful would that be.  

Your sister probably does not understand the ramifications of these pictures which obviously anybody can see if they pick up her phone.  I would talk to her.  You are her older brother and while I'm sure you never wanted to see your sister in this state, you have.  Try to find out why they are on there in the first place.  Educate her about the dangers of having those kinds of pictures.  In this day and age of social media, nothing is safe.  Anybody she sent those pictures to could post them on whe web for the world to see.  

Kind of look at it this way....Sometimes it is a blessing that someone found out.  It is a learning experience before anything bad happens.  
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