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How can i make anything better, he will not have any communication with me?

My17 yr old son and i  are going thru a terrible time as well . Im at a loss, of what i can do, he refuses to talk to me. there is no other communication( text, letters, notes, physically see and if i do hear his voice it is always very mean and ugly and hurtful.  No respect what so ever to myself, his brother or his father.  I feel that this is the outcome of PAS, negative behavior. poor grades,  run ins with the law. His father has not informed me of anything that has happened in my sons life. My ex has never felt that it has been important for me to know of the kids lives since we divorced.  
  I dont feel that i have any positive backup from my ex husband concering him.
  No discpline, no reprimand for his actions by his father,
I dont want to just except that it is just a teen thing and its ok for him to be so angry with me by constantly punishing me by his verbal/abusive behavior.
  Does anyone know about PAS ?
Any guidance on how to come thru it,with a positive outcome.??
Why he is so angry and confused?
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Sounds really hard and I'm sorry about that.  Does he live with your ex?  Why do you think he is so angry with you in particular?
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