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How do I get my 15 year old son to stop vaping?

We allowed my son to get a vape about a year and a half ago after he became addicted to nicotine because his older sister introduced him to cigarettes. It was a desperate move on our part--he was to the point of picking up butts off of the ground to smoke. At the time, we were in survival mode, as we were dealing with our older teen daughter's behavior, mental health, and addiction problems (so please don't offer judgement).

Our daughter is no longer living here and the home is now stable and peaceful. My son is a great kid--funny and very smart, on the high school drum line, likes to skateboard and snowboard, and doesn't get into trouble or hang with the "troubled" crowd (now that the environment has been stabilized). However, he does struggle with anxiety (a genetic gift that is very common on my husband's side of the family), and my son does feel like vaping helps him (his e-liquid has very little nicotine, however).

We are very concerned about the potential risks of vaping to his health, and would like him to quit. We are regretting that we allowed it in the 1st place, but as I said, we were acting out of desperation and fear at the time (trying to keep him from more harmful substances like cigarettes and even marijuana). Now that he is not around the negative influences and has surrounded himself with more positive friendships, we are not so concerned about him turning to cigarettes or pot and are ready to push him to stop vaping. We just don't know the best approach.

He doesn't want to quit, and of course doesn't think it is a big deal or harmful. We have been unsuccessful so far in getting him to want to quit, and now are considering just taking the vape away (maybe while he is not at home), and just dealing with the repercussions.

Any advice? And again, please no judgement--we did the best we could while parenting in a very stressful situation with our older daughter!

Thank you
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Honestly, let him vape. It will curb desires to smoke anything else. Do some hard research on the effects of vaping to see whether it is harmful or not. Obviously anything but oxygen going into uour lungs isn't preferred, but vaping is a hell of a lot better than cigarette and weed smoke going into the lungs.
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That is a tough situation. I'm so sorry! I'd suggest speaking with a counselor or therapist of some sort, not so much about the vaping, but about the anxiety. That is probably feeding into his desire to vape. His anxiety issue could be a major underlying factor as to why smoking or vaping is so appealing. If addressing the anxiety and taking steps to resolve it is a possibility, that could really help. Or possibly just taking away the vape -
like you mentioned - and telling him once he is 18 and lives on his own he can do whatever he wants. But while he lives under your house and supervision, he will abide by your rules. Those are worth a shot.
And if you want to know more about anxiety,
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