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How do I help my teen with a breakup with a boy who is a great person?

My daughter is 15 she has been through alot of hardship through her life.  About a 1 1/2  years ago she was severely depressed and tried to take her own life.  Finally she started to begin to live her life and be a happy teenager.  Then she met a boy we will call Tim.  This boy is a 17, 1 1/2 years older than her.  Tim is a very respectful young man.  He treated her very well.  Always was nice to her and respected her.  They have been dating for 2 months.  Then  my daughter went away with her BFF skiing and her family along with  a few other families.  There were 6 teenagers that were there.  2 of them were boys.  My daughter hung out with all the kids all weekend and talked to her boyfriend on the phone many times and told him everything that they were doing.  When she got home he accused her of cheating on him with one of the boys because she was hanging out with him and skiing.  But she told her boyfriend about it and was with other kids as well. And he was okay with it. Now when she came home he broke up with her and said that he didnt believe her and thinks she cheated onhim.  All the kids that went with her even told him that nothing happened.  Now she is devastated and very depressed and i'm not sure how to help her--- please help
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Oh my gosh, teen love. It's so hard!  My son is 17 and liked/sort of dated a girl a year younger.  He really liked her.  He's insecure.  They weren't ever at the point where he'd accuse her of cheating as they were more casual than that but he cared for her deeply. She has some mental health issues and sometimes cuts.  Scary.  And my son is also prone to depression.  She ended the relationship and he is so hurt.  He's also had some very scary thoughts like your daughter regarding his life.  I'm on constant alert.  I've just been trying to show him constant compassion and keeping an eye on him.  He misses the girl terribly.  Break ups always hurt.  But teenagers.  Whew, they aren't always equipped to handle it well even in the best of circumstances. Add on mental health challenges?  It's hard.  Does she still see a therapist? I'd gently help her distract herself.  It takes time to move on but hopefully she does soon.  
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How are things going with your daughter?  Is she feeling better?

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