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How to tell my 16 yo he can't go visit friends with the corona virus lockdown?

My 16 yo son wants to visit a friend during the corina virus lock down and is getting very vocal and unreasonable about it. He thinks its stupid and demands to go out. How do I get him to understand and calm down? We are in day 2 of the lockdown and he is amping up with each passing day.
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Oh my gosh.  What a perfect question!  Wish I saw it sooner.  I feel ya.  I have two teens and they both ask me regularly if they can meet up with friends.  It seems that some parents are like me, taking lock down seriously and others who may not be or not paying careful attention to their kids.  I expressed to my kids that the social distancing will ONLY work if we DO it.  That's it.  I give in to a lot more video game time than usual and luckily, they can face time, use google hang outs, or x box live to connect with friends.  

How's it going now?  Have you held firm?  
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My son has accepted that staying home is necessary and has turned to live chat to stay in touch with his friends. He also does online video games with his friends to help pass the time away. I have also gone to taking him out twice a week to the mall parking lot to practice driving for his license. He has really matured in the past 3 or 4 weeks. I’m proud of him.
Excellent!  That's what my son is doing as well.  I am getting a little bit worried about his isolation though and do hope we can ease back into his being able to socialize.  but I've locked down thus far.  How's the driving going?  That's always a nail biting experience for parents.  :>)

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