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My 17 year old daughter left to go live with her controlling 18 year old boyfriend. I ask her to come home and she tells me she can't leave him she loves him and if I force her to come home she will just keep leaving. I haven't reported this yet in fear of the police not doing anything because I know where she is staying at and I talk to her. Her school is now coming after me for her truancies. Gosh I just don't know what to do I talk to lots of different people and they say to just leave her don't force the situation because she'll never want to come home. I truly believe she's never coming home and to top it off this guy that she is with controls her every move and I can't stand it and now he's trying to move her out of the County with him with other family members. I'm so scared she is going to get pregnant from this looser and he will become abusive later on in life if she remains with him. What do I do?

Thank you for reading my story,

Lost Mom
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You've got her school on your side - have you asked the truant officer to help?  She can be charged with the crime of truancy and be made to come back home.  If she's absent so often that the school is coming after you about it,  she's not headed for a high school diploma which is absolutely crucial to success in life.  That's the #1 thing right now,  as well as not getting pregnant.  

Call the truant officer this morning and see what he/she can do to help you.  Best wishes.
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