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Is this a possible mental concern?

I don't really know how to describe what she told me but basically, my 13 year old told me that every day, since she was like 6, she hasn't been able to stop herself from having some sort of imaginary 'world' play out in her mind. Apparently, she takes characters from different books, movies or whatever and has them interact with people that she creates. She says that it isn't something she sees in the real world interacting with objects or anything, it's something she imagines in her head and can put them in different settings - ancient Egypt is one she told me- and develops relationships between the character she created and a character from a show or something.   I've been worried about it since she told me and I don't know what to do. Is this normal or should I be concerned and take her to a psychiatrist or something?
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I believe that this is fairly normal; I have done it myself since I was very young and I think that I've turned out fine. Oftentimes that imaginary world helps to take one's mind off of a stressful day or an event that has been worrying them. As long as she understands that this imaginary world is not real, she should be completely fine. She has a great imagination, and should embrace that - it will get her through a lot of tough times in her life.
Thank you so much! I was so worried since I have never heard of that before.  Good to know she's fine!
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She sounds so much like myself.

I'm a sixteen year old girl, who has always had bizarre and sometimes heavenly images pop into my head. I can't even remember how long I've had these images, but it seems to be since i was around four or so. I've always used these images as a way to calm me when stressed, and it honestly takes the stress away.

Now, i do suffer from panic disorder and OCD,but i doubt that your daughter has either.

I just think your daughter has a very amazing imagination, and i definitely think you should be a proud mother for how imaginative your daughter's brain is.

Good luck to you both :)

Right! I agree with you.  I actually think it is normal to have images pop into our heads.  
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Not a Psychiatrist so I can't diagnose anyone. I can only give you my thoughts as a Psychiatric RN.
Worrisome symptoms would include auditory (most common) and/or visual hallucinations; seeing people or things that are not present or hearing voices in her head. I don't mean imagining dialogue between characters in her fantasies, but physically hearing voices addressing her as if it was a person speaking in the room. The voices usually start out complimentary and progress to demands to harm herself or others.
In my opinion, she sounds like a highly immaginative young lady that may benefit from encouragement to further express her creativity. Maybe suggest writing, drawing, painting, etc.
Good luck!
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