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My daughter doesn't like my husband, her step dad.

My daughter moved out and went to live with her dad because she doesn't like my husband. My husband has never been a father, nor has he been around teens so he has made mistakes, but he has tried to make changes. These mistakes have hurt my daughter's feelings and now she doesn't want anything to do with him. This makes it really difficult for me to see my daughter who is 13. Should I leave my husband to spend more time with my daughter, which is what she wants, or stay and let her work out her emotions?
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Hi there.  Wow, so very hard.  I really feel for you.  This is a deep pain.  Yes, I agree that it is in your daughter's best interest for you to "choose" her over anything else.  Especially at this vulnerable age.  I know that is very difficult.  But in the end, your daughter is the main concern.  I couldn't tolerate being away from my kids.  She may also take a little bit of time to come back to you but WILL and it will be worth it.  She's 13 so in a few years, she'll be an adult herself and you will be able to resume whatever love life, relationship, etc. that you choose.  

I am here to talk any time.  Sincerely.  
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Thank you. That is what I am planning to do. I just needed some validation.
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Leave. I wish my mom did. She comes first. It's him or her. Way it is.
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I'm 40 and I am in therapy for this by the way. Just saying.
Thank you. That is what I was planning, but I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.
Good. That is so awesome and very selfless of you. Bravo!!!

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