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Teenage daughter doesnt want to move.

I share custody of my 15 yo daughter with her father. I am getting remarried in September and will be moving 2 hours away. My daughter doesn't want to come as I will be moving to a small country town. I have accepted that. So I have told her she will have to live with her father. She said she doesn't want to do that, and said how can a mother leave her child and I should wait until she finishes school. I will be back on a regular basis to see her. She is a difficult teenager and can be very disrespectful at times. I am feeling really guilty but she has a great father and she is loved by both of us very much.
Am I being selfish?
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Well,  I think most 15 year old girls can be described as a bit difficult with the ability to be disrespectful,

The fact is,  you are choosing your new husband over her.  It's up to you to decide if that's okay,  if you are right in doing that,  if this is the best way to proceed,  etc.

She will likely see this as abandonment for the rest of her life - and I think you should be prepared for that likelihood.  You will be moving away from her during a very pivotal time in her young life -the end of her high school time when she will be making all the decisions daily of what she wants to do with her life.  

Do you really want to miss that daily contact?
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Most 15 year old teenage girls can be difficult and disrespectful at times- their hormones are raging and it it a difficult time for them. They do come through it though.

As RockRose said, if you chose the husband over your daughter, you must be prepared that she will possibly resent you for life over it. A friend of mines sister actually nearly had this exact same situation happen - my friend was a young adult but the sister was about 12 who went to live with her father. She's now about 26 and they have no relationship at all.
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