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Teenagers' room

Hi, I have two 15 year old twin boys. They share a room which I clean quite regularly. However every time I go in there is always a smell, I know you could say it's a typical teenage boy smell but I went in there this morning and it was worse than ever. Has anyone else experienced this with their children and if so any tips on how to get rid of the smell? Or at least make it better?
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Mom of sons here.  Some boys stink.  I am hyper aware and my boys shower daily and I enforce the deodorant rule.  They only get stinky occasionally.  But some boys do stink on a regular basis.  I'm not sure why.  Do they shower regularly and use soap?  Deodorant?  Clean clothes?  Clean sheets?  Stay on top of hygiene and smell will be greatly reduced.  good luck
Thanks. They shower regularly and put on clean clothes at least every two days. I've decided to change their sheets every week now instead of every two, hopefully that will do the trick!
That should help.  Make them change clothes every day too.  I know it is hard as a mom to always have enough laundry done.  I do a load a day at least to stay on top of it.  Keeps dirty laundry out of the hamper smelling up the place too.  The joys of motherhood!
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There is a wonderful 'thing' called Febreze it works, very well indeed, on Airborne smells. Just a thought.  
I personally have a bottle upstairs, downstairs and in the car!  Ever drive a group of sweaty teens home from an athletic practice?  Whoa, the smell.  :>)
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It could be because there's two adolescent boys sharing a room?
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Active 15-year-olds generate a LOT of perspiration ALL OVER THEIR BODIES so yes, they do need to change clothes daily, and with twins, you're going to have twice the smells.  Are they "spunking"?  Most likely - and somewhere in their room  are two towels or wash cloths that are in desperate need of being washed.   Relieve some of their anxiety - and some of yours - by telling both of them that, if they are "spunking", you're not going to alert the newspapers and radio stations or have them arrested for doing something entirely normal for teenagers but it isn't healthy for them not to clean whatever it is they're using to wipe themselves off afterwards.
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