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Too much physical "affection" between father and teen?

My fiance's 13 year old son who lives with me 3 days a week is constantly touching his father... wraps his arms around his neck from behind and hangs on him, sometimes choking him, walks with his arm around his shoulder, squeezes or rubs his hands very hard on his cheeks, rubs his arms, touches his hair.  He can't seem to be with him without touching him in some way.  Sometimes my fiance will tell him to stop but he does not ever listen to him.  If my fiance removes his sons arms or tells him that he is hurting him, his son argues and says "No, I'm not", and just continues the behavior.  I have talked to my fiance about this a few times and how I feel he needs to set boundaries regarding this kind of behavior because when someone says stop, he should stop.  This past weekend, I witnessed his son bullying his friend, grabbing him and swinging him around by his arm, throwing things at him.  I intervened - the friend was telling him to stop but he wouldn't listen.  My intervening was this: "Oskar, he wants you to stop." He ran out of site, and then had a meltdown.  Today, my fiance and his son walked in with Oskar again walking behind him and hanging on his neck (he's the same height as my fiance).  I don't correct Oskar much because we have a nice relationship and I don't want to be the evil step mother!  Is it normal for a 13 year old to display this much physical "affection"?  Is this affection?  Or is this some kind of attempt at dominance?  I have 2 older boys and a girl and they didn't do this.
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One thing my mum and dad did is they sat me down and had a talk about what I have done and they told me how old I was and I said 14 and they said I was acting like a 10 year old and said if this behavior doesn't stop then u don't deserve any thing good and I will miss out u just need to rem I nd him on how old he is and to listen or things will get nasty for u and break it down don't shout it
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