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Wanted to help a friend!!

So i hope that i am posting at the right place. I usually at the other communities. But i seriously hope we can help my friend if we can. Any input, idea, option, opinions will be very much appreciated it. I happen to meet up my very old friend that i very close with during my school time at Starbucks recently. I consider her is one of my BFF during high school. She is divorce with 3 growing up teens age 15 to 18 soon. As we chat and go further about life seems like she was facing a trouble with her 15 years old son. And since i do not have any child, i got no idea what is the best way to advised her. He is a very good boy basically, bcos he didn't involve with smoking or drugs or messed up at school. But the very minor issue & make her life so end up very messy all the time that the son are so love to hang out late at night with friends and often going to the puppy love gf's house. But the gf's Mother is super sporting just that she is annoying by always mention to my friend that her son was eating at they house and etc. My friend has a very good income single mom and often treat the son's gf family with free holiday and fancy dine. But seems like the lady is just keep annoyed her with a chat like that. She does info the son about it but he seems to ignore her mother almost all the time. According to her the son was also lazy and spoilt in the sense of he only want his need to followed at all time. She say is very hard ask him to do somethings without he given an excuses & she was so depress with that. But again she claim that, was probably her fault bcos she was spoilt him from small with gifts, money & etc due to her lake time with him as she have to struggle raise 3 her own after she divorce from her useless husband as she claim. So any mom out there who got some idea how can i advised or help my friend to lessen her burden, i will be very much appreciated it seriously. In advance i thanks all of you very much....xoxo
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