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What can you do when your 16 yr old is completely out of control?

My son is out of control using drugs and alcohol which he says as of last night he's done with all of that. But then, after being confronted about getting in more trouble in school, going in late, posting a video of him drinking shots at God knows who's house, he left and was out until he messaged me back at 5am and told me where to pick him up, then I had to fight with him to go to school. I just found out he called off work two days in a row when I was working and he told me he wasn't scheduled. He has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and ADD, history of anxiety and depression. He went to a mental health day program for over a month and at 1st I thought we were onto a new path but then he got into a fight at school, got suspended for 10 days and a whole new and stronger side of defiance started. He insisted he was going to "do me", he didn't want my help, he wanted to be emancipated, wanted me to kick him out and let him live his life etc..He is getting in trouble at school, he seems angry all the time and is using and being very defiant and disrespectful. No one seems to know the answer to what I should do. I'm very scared for my son. He was even overheard saying he wanted to try Heroin yesterday. I am scared to death!! I still have a younger child who is 9 years old  who is suffering from all this stress! :(
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Keep telling him you love him.  You love him more than he loves himself (which is true).  

God bless.  You'll get through this - I did.  
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He needs help pulling out of his addictions.  It is the drugs being defiant.  Research some Centers near by and get him into one.  Tough love is hard but you will be saving his life.  Until he gets clean of drugs you will not know what his real issues are.  A good location will diagnose this and if needed get him on the right medication to keep him straight.
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