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am I good or bad?

I'm just wondering if I am a good or bad person. I'm 17 female :) I'm always thinking if I've already known myself. I’m a not close with my parents because they’re busy. And when I’m being scolded by them, deep inside it really hurts so much. Because when I have problems, I couldn’t share it to them. For the fact that I had sex in the age of 14 with a guy that I’ve met on chat that I thought he will give the love that I’m looking for to my parents and think that he can be a person to lean on, but after that experienced I didn’t do it again because I know it’s wrong and I’m just carried away with my emotions. I’m not going out in our house if I’m not just going to school. I don’t have friends in our town. My friends that I have been met were also in chat because they are the one I can talk with and share my problems with because I don’t have a person to talk too here in our house though I had a brother and a little sister. I’m the eldest, me and my brother we’re not close due to his being lazy, and my relation with my younger sister was just ok. When I and my bf now arguing, I cried because I’m thinking that they don’t understand my feelings. I don’t know if I’ve felt depression when my bf and I had arguments and we’re not talking for a day I feel lonely because I love him a lot and I have a fear of losing him. Sometimes I’m easily get moody and that’s start our conversation. Instead the love that I’m giving to my parents, I’m giving it to my bf because he’s the type of person I can talk with and he’s been there all the time although were 4 months now, we didn’t see each other yet because I’ve met him also in chat that’s fad in our society and he’s far away from me but were able to saw each other just in pictures. Give me some advice please.
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