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bedtime spider phobia 12yr old

My 12 yr old son has a spider phobia at night when he gets in bed---with accompanying tears, fetal position on top of the covers, sleepless hours. He's also been afraid to go anywhere in the house by himself. There's no obvious chaos or upheaval in his life. He's fearful of spiders during the day---but this fear is not as extreme as it is at night. I feel for him and don't know what to do to help him. He wants to sleep in my room but I won't allow it. We've sprayed his room, we look under his covers and pillows, etc. Nothing seems to help. Could this be mostly separation anxiety or is it truly a spider fear? I would be so grateful for insight or suggestions!

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Has anyone teased him about spiders, has he seen any movies out there on TV or PC, has he older brothers or family may have talked about them frightening him, it sounds as if something has happened.Have you asked him ,why and what triggered it, a lot of children and adults are afraid of Spiders it is a phobia, there are books written about it, google for information.Dont react to it just say there are no spiders there and let it go, if you make more of it he will remain afraid,
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My son had a spider phobia at night too.  We solved bedtime issues by spraying his room with bug spray (really air freshener) every night before bed.  We kept him out of the room while spraying, so he would breathe in the fumes (hence going in with the two spray cans) and then he was none the wiser to the switch off.  You could try that and see if it works for him.  He also still uses a night light.
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