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delayed puberty should i be worried?

My son is nealy 14years old and at present he does not appeared to of started puberty.  He has no hair growth under his arms,gentilia,legs or face.  His gentiles appear small, he has no teenage spots or his voice has not changed.   What is the normal age for this to happen and at what age should i worry, my husband and myself had developed at this age and my 11 year old son is showing more signs of puberty.  We do not show our concerns to our son as we are hoping that it will start soon and we dont want to worry him.  But he is now starting to notice that all his friends have hit puberty and sadly they have noticed that he hasnt and have started mentioning it so it is becoming a issue please if anyone can reassure me or any suggestions they will be much appreciated.
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It might be he is just a late bloomer. but, I would be worried for him. I grew up with a pituitary  problem and it went un noticed by my parents til i was out on my own. then it was to late. I had to take testosterone injection all my life. I am 42 now.
I would take him to see your doctor Asap and get a  referral to Child Endocrinologist.
My Stepson is 13 and has pubic hair and hair on legs and under arms.
for your son sake do not take this lightly. It could be nothing or could be something.
Good luck let us know how you made out
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I am trying to get him to go to the doctors, but he is shy and i have tried to play my concerns down until now as my family keep saying it will happen soon but he has agreed that if nothing happens within the next month or so we will go to the doctors.  So i will let you know when we have some news thanks for your kind words and i am right to be concerned due to the sensitive nature of this only immediate family know as all my close friends have sons that my son bothers with so i am not able to voice my concerns thank you very much
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Stepdad does raise some interesting points, however i would wait just a little while longer as children enter puberty at all different ages these days. Although i had hit puberty by this time, developed quite slowly in comparison to my peers, in terms of height, body mass and hair. I feel that by making a bit of a deal of it, it may contribute to what is usually an uncomfortable time already for him and it may increase his anxiety levels. Perhaps wait a little longer and see when nature takes it's course, he may be a late bloomer, but he will make up for it in the next couple of years. By the way, i think it's great that you can talk about things like this openly with your son. :)
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Any other time, I'd tell you not to be worried.  But with all the chemicals mimicking estrogen that people are exposed to these days, the odds that tis' something bad are quite a bit higher than they once were.  please, do get it looked at, and try to take steps to minimize pseudo-estrogen exposure.  If he uses a "nalgene" or similar plastic water bottle, get him a stainless steel one, switch to organic milk if you haven't already, or if you don't drink cows milk (or he doesn't) switch to a non-milk other than soy (rice milk isn't a great choice either though, as it's mostly just carbs).  I doubt he paints his fingernails, since a 14 year old boy who hasn't started puberty yet has enough concerns about his masculinity as is, but if he does, try to find a kind without phthalates.  
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