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idk what to do

Hello am 13 years old i have had sex 4 times in my life the last time i did was unpretected a couple of days after i started noticeing while i was urinating it burn then like days after whitish lookin thing start comeing out my penis i have went to the docter but they wont let me see a docter becouse am  young but before they let me see a docter i have to come with an adult i dont even now how to tell my mother this what should i do...

i have done research on goarhea so i noticed that i have it
but am tryna get treated befor it gets worse                
but nobody is helping me in the hospital
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Was your partner your age or an adult? The reason why I ask is because if it was an adult then this was sexual abuse and you need to go and talk to someone like a counselor at school or something. If it was not an adult, then I have to tell you you're way, way, way too young to be doing such an adult thing. Your mind and body are still growing and is not prepared or ready to be sexually active yet at your age.
You're going to have to tell your mom. This is not something that you can keep to yourself. You don't know what is going on and it could be serious. Of course they're not going to see you at the hospital without a parent. You're still a minor. They could get sued for treating such a young minor without parental consent. I think you need to sit down and talk to your parents as soon as possible. Please don't delay.
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You cannot diagnose yourself with gonorrhea - you are not a doctor, so do not think that looking some symptoms up on the Internet is going to let you diagnose yourself.

If you were 17, I might recommend getting tested at Planned Parenthood. However, you are 13, having unprotected sex, and trying to diagnose yourself with Wikipedia. You need some guidance, and you need to talk to your mom.

If you don't like this course of action, your only other option is to  take your chances and hope you don't have a medical problem that could be easily treated if you get to it soon enough. Don't add this to the list of other unwise choices you have made.
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If you have an STD, you could become sterile (unable to have kids), or infect someone else. It could also be a urinary tract infection which if not treated can go to your kidneys, and cause kidney damage. You should not be having sex at your age. You have to tell your mom, and then face the consequences. If you want to make grown up decisions, you have to handle it like an adult. Adults ask for help when they need it.
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I know you are scared.  But if you feel that you are old enough to have sex (which I personally don't) then you need to be man enough to talk to your parents about a possible health risk that could be dangerous.

Sex has consequences.  1.  NEVER NEVER NEVER have unprotected sex in today's world, by doing that you are saying "hello world give me a disease or let me get a young girl pregnant" and 2. If you have sex be able to take on the responsibility that comes with it.

Go and fess up to your mom, get some help before you get really sick.  And then seriously think about doing that again.
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u should never ever have sex with out protection im a hypocrite yes but if u dont have a condom even if shes on the pill or using birth controll because u dont know if shes a cheater or just likes to sleep around and at your age you shouldnt be having sex i know 2 of my sisters friends who are pregnant with same guy ALL 13, my 13 yr old cousin recenlty lost hers too.many kids think its what makes them accepted now a days, its too late. your just coming out of preteen years and you should be worrying what sport to join or your  math homework not sti's.
try and keep it in.=) go to doctors and refuse to leave unless u get tested immediately and give all the symptoms to them if u cant get a test say your going to the press on how they wont give a test for it or say you'll sue just do anything you can to get tests done to get anibiotics and use protection and if your friends are virgins dont call them a fag or make sex something everyone should be doing live the young teen years with abstince. or try to im still young and im not a virgin but i try to wait in a relationship as long as i want and i wasnt in the past but ive never gotten a thing thank god sum1 opened my eyes- just be responsible and safe you dont want to be like one of my close friends who ended up with HIV from stupidity.
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i had a neibor who was a girl. she tried to always have sex with me. i was 12 she was 11. i did find her attractive but said no u should say no.
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i agree!
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I think that in ur case that not talking to ur mom is a good idea but if she knows that u have sex then it shouldn't be a problem to tell her I know that this post is kinda late but I hope this helps !!!!!!
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