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parent of daughter with anxiety

i have a 15 year old who has had 3 or 4 anxiety attacks always seem to stem from her feeling overwhelmed at school so we see a therapist once a week to learn techniques to deal with it before it becomes a a attack, so the therapist thought maybe she could use some medicine which i assume she meant zanax she said sometimes people feel better just knowing they have them  i said lady my daughter is 15 she cant carry that around at school or any where for that matter so we see the psychiatrist now he says he wouldn;t prescribe a as needed pill because you can become dependent on them which i agree but then he says maybe she could use a antidepressant i said i have heard that they can cause Suicidal thoughts in teenagers he said for me not to look on the internet and get that kinda info i'm confused i feel like they are trying to push drugs on her i said no to them now would see how she is feeling an a month or two , however this therapist hasnt really even should my daughter and techniques yet any help would be really appreciated
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It is really hard to find decipher depression, anxiety and mood.

I have Endometriosis and I had severe mood swings because I was estrogen dominant. I now have been on the pill continuously around the same time I have been on Wellbutrin and that concoction works for me.

When I went to see a therapist in regards to the anxiety she said that the Wellbutrin is making me more antsy. That is why the cymbalta was offered.  I think the Cymbalta is for depression and anxiety.  However I am afraid to come off the wellbutrin because it has worked so well for me. I dont feel spaced out, I feel happy. I have never had suicidal thoughts. I just feel like I can do anything now with out feeling the way I did.

Anxiety I have always had even as a teenager but I suppose I never realized what it was. I was afraid of death even back then. If something had to be done at a certain time I would panic.

My opinion would be to have her see a therapist. A regular GP doesnt really know what meds to give and some give the ones that they get kick backs for. Therapist know what ones are more effective and what ones are not. Even if you can have her speak with someone to be assessed it makes a world of difference knowing what you are dealing with instead of guessing.

I have taken this journey on my own and its been a hard one but my best move was having myself assessed because I knew I wasnt going crazy but that something was seriously wrong.

15 is a hard age. I wouldnt take it back for anything. I had a really hard teenage life and it just wasnt fun.

Does she play sports? What does she like to do besides the internet, shopping and being with her sister?  

What do you find she worries the most about?  
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I have to say as a teenager I would have loved if my mother was as concerned with me as the way you are with your daughter. I was extremely depressed my whole teenage life.  I only went on anti depressants in my early 30's and I feel amazing and havent been depressed since. However I have anxiety so I was told they wanted to change me to Cymbalta.  Is she depressed or do you think that its just anxiety?  
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first of all thank you for that saying that, i'm not sure if she is depressed i ask her its hard to get stuff out of her being 15 i know she gets nervous a lot , when we were filling out her medical papers i got the impression she was filled with anxiety , she is moody but she is also 15 she gets on the internet and get on these crazy sites i don;t know if that could be putting things in her head , i mean she smiles and likes shopping and being with her sister but i understand that doesnt mean she isn't when we sat in the docs office he asked her and she said no but i was also in the room , thats when i asked the doc why would you put her on a anti depress if its anxiety he said they work for the same thing , so i'm clueless
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she worries most about school not doing well enough she is drama and super smart  she is  having a hard time getting up on stage , she likes to watch movies read she used to do sports but now in high school and the cutbacks there are not many options so i asked her does she wanna take a writing class i could go to a class and she could go to something she would like to do i also asked her if she wanted to go to church she said no i also offered yoga or zumba something fun but good for you , whenever she says her friends are doing something i make a effort to get her there she was excited about maybe taking a trip to greece with a friend i laughed i said you get anxiety about school but not taking a 8 hr airplane ride she laughed at me , she does have friends she talks to everyday , she did tell me though she has to sleep with the light on and if i go out she needs to make sure the door is locked i don't know if that something to do with this also
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Our granddaughter suffers from severe anxiety.  She was diagnosed at six years of age.  She has been on an antidepressant for 10 years now.  She presently is taking one of the SSRI drugs which are not habit forming.  She has taken Prozac and Effexor; now is on Celexa which seems to work best for her.  Frankly, without it, she could not function.

I suspect your daughter is suffering from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).  Both my mother and sister suffer from this disorder.  In their situations, as they got older - the anxiety got worse.  Therapy tends to work best in conjunction with medication as the medication tends to "ease the fears and jitters" so that the therapy can "work".  Often our children are so "anxiety-filled" that there is no "room" in their brains for the theapy methods.  Research has proven that if the brain has to choose between cognitive learning/aspects or emotional aspects, it will choose emotional every single time.  By the way, PMS, anxiety and depression are usually co-morbid - deal with the anxiety and the other two conditions lessen or disappear.  

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue (and that is what it is) but with the correct treatment (which should be mutli-modal), anxiety is highly treatable.  It sounds to me as if your daughter has a wise and knowledgeable psychiatrist.  All the best ....
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