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puberty and personality changes in boys (and girls)

Wow, a mom here.  I'm amazed at the changes in personality that puberty seems to bring.  My formerly sweet and lovable and easy going son is gone!  How do you all handle this?
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Find some time to reconnect with him - activities that the two of you used to share.  Have mother and son outings as often as you can with each other.  And make time just to talk with him about what's going on in his life right now.
Hey, I love this advice.  That's great.  I agree that finding a way to connect with them is really important.  I actually "made" my 15.5 year old watch a movie with me Saturday night.  But I picked a more mature movie.  At the end of it, he gave me a hug and said he loved it and had a great Saturday night.  lol  It was great.  He's a movie buff but had kind of wanted to distance from me. Sometimes finding common ground as I love movies too can feel terrific.  Anyway, thanks for the advice.  Do you have teenagers?
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No, but I used to work in children's home, and doing what you did was a great way for me to bond with most of the teens in my house.

Hope you had popcorn with your movie!

Next time, set some ground rules and let him choose the movie.   I think you'll be surprised at his level of maturity.
That's great advice.  And I will say that the home in which you worked was lucky to have you.  Connection is so important and it is easy when they are teens to get lost in trying to make them do what you want.  You know what I mean?  You  have to be building and bonding too in the relationship.  
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I wholeheartedly agree, and it's not something a great many parents take the time to do - work, business meetings, social activities - sometimes it seems parents put their relationships with their children "on hold" for some or all of these things but then they scream "bloody murder" when their children find other people with whom to bond.  
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accept it karen
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