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what to do statutory rape

My daughter 16 was date raped her first date he is a 33 y/o face book predator. it took about a year, she didn't stand a chance. she's mexican they don't tell. I went to the police and was treated so so i asked lawyers on line, there stupid, finely one said   "Look, Buddy, all you can do is make a police report. Truth is, unless she gets pregnant, nobody much cares about "statutory" rape. The cops have bigger fish to fry."...I was on my own? so this is what I did. I told everybody I was going to harm him. to the police "one of us is going to jail". the doctors at the VA hospital fliped out and called in a federal policeman, his daughter is 12 I told him mine is 16 and what happened. he called the police and warned them a crazy old veteran was coming. It worked, they took over. he went to jail then ICE tossed him over the wall now he's trying to cross the Reo Grand ? I'm still a old crazy Veteran. It's leaning on the door jam next to my bed. How do I get the cellphone away from her with out getting killed?
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I'm glad you reported it.  The guy is going to jail or on the run?  Not sure I understand.  I certainly can understand the fury of a parent whose child has been harmed.  I'm a mama bear!!  

So, what do you mean, how can you get her cellphone away without getting killed? A. You are the parent. Her 'cell phone' is your cell phone.  You take it if you want to take it.  In fact, don't let her have it in her room ever.  She can use it in the common family areas.  You can get parental controls and begin monitoring and blocking what you need to.  And clearly, no facebook or Instagram accounts for her.  She's a victim but also, you are in charge and have to keep her safe even if she is not willing to. Let me know how it goes!
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