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14 month old

My daughter is 14 months old but still isnt walking. She pulls up next to tables and walk around while holding on but still wont take any steps .... Can someone help with ideas to help het.... I talk to the doctor she said she should walking by 15 months ...?!?! Help!!!
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Just let her do what she wants sometimes it takes time.. My niece takes 2years before she can talk straightly. If u see nothing wrong just let her help herself.
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was she on time or early??  
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She was 3 weeks early
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Every child's different. One of mine walked late. She had bandy legs drs said it was from how she lay in womb. It corrected itself tho. I also think having a baby walker slowed her down.x
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Sometimes I think doctors would do better to not throw out blanket statements like that.  Not all babies walk by 15 months - and if they don't, there isn't something "wrong".  I know a little girl who didn't start to walk until she was 18 months old!  Seriously!  She was a more roly poly baby and simply couldn't master walking until later.

My oldest son was 11 months old when he started walking while my youngest was 14.5 months old.  Every child is different.  It sounds as if your daughter is very close.  You could entice and encourage her to take steps toward you or a favourite toy by gradually moving yourself - or the toy - farther away out of her reach.....but it honestly sounds as if she's on the verge and will do it on her own very soon.
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Does she have a sturdy push toy??  Sometimes it will help her gain confidence.  Also, making sure she has two things to walk between can help.  Like a table and chair.  As she goes from one to the other, inch them a little further apart every day or so.  It is true that they tend to have their own agenda.
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Thanks everyone!! I feel better
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Just wanted to add...my nephew was just past 15 months when he walked. He is a normal healthy little boy.  He just took his time with walking.
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I posted the same questions as you a few weeks ago regarding my son who is 15 months old and he started walking shortly after.  His doctor recommended propping him with his back agaisnt something standing like the wall and holding something he really wants (he loves my cell phone so I used that) and he started walking towards it without realizing.  We did that over and over and within a few days he was walking on his own now he is running around at the park everyday.  :)
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