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3 y/o cries when pooping

My 3 year old son, for the past 3 weeks or so, has been having bowel issues. He poops pretty regularly but seems to get spasms in his bottom that hurt him. He says it hurts to go, and when he does go they aren't hard or super dark, they look like regular bowel movements. But lately when he goes and we wipe him there is blood. He has also been walking around lately and just starts crying and stands on his tippy toes like he is in pain. He refuses to go poop now for 3 days but will start randomly crying or screaming that his bum hurts. I have no idea what to do. I have given him food that would help soften his stools like bananas and apples, fibre, etc, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Are there any ideas, he is starting to seem like he is in real pain.
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It could be the stool is large and hard for him to push out ,ask your Doctor whether a stool softener would be good at this age ,are you sure he isnt constipated, he will need more fibre do you give him cereal each day , orange juice works for a lot of kids.
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My one yr old gets constipated when we spend a night away from our home. When I told her dr, was told to give  prune juice. She said to avoid bananas and apple sauce. I am wondering if you are giving banana and apple to your son, does/will it aid in constipation?
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I have a 3 year old boy with the same problem. He stands on his tippy toes and cries and said his bum bum hurts even though his poo isnt constipated at all. He eats plenty of fiber, drinks lots of fluids and yes, even prune juice.. and just to clarify once again is NOT CONSTIPATED. He also holds his pee pee and even though he says it doesnt hurt there I'm starting to wonder if there could be pain in the front as well. When I told his doctor, she put him on laxaitves, so 2 weeks later when he is still having pain when he poos and soft loose stools (big surprise) I'm headed back to the doctors for the same problem. It can get frustrating hearing the same "advice" over and over about fiber, and prune juice.. etc etc when it doesnt even apply to your child with normal poo's, but I am going to get a second opinion today from a different doctor and will keep you posted.
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My three year old is in exactly the same position - Cries that his bottom hurts, (not his tummy, definitely his bottom) usually for some time before he poos and then does a soft, normal poo which hurts him a lot. Then he is fine. It is clearly NOT constipation, but no idea what -  I cannot see any soreness or rash... He has started only pooing every 2 or 3 days and am worried he is holding on to it rather than going through the pain...

Did you ever get any satisfaction from the doctor? Will take him, but would rather go with something to discuss rather than being fobbed off with constipation advice...

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Ok ya  this  is weird how today I had a dr appt and she explaind to me how my daughter X-rays from her spinal cord came out abnormal let me say that she is 36months my daughter had been comPlaining of back pain for quite some time now so I finally took her to get checked!  Dr explain to me how some kids don't develop the spinal  cord right and that can cause them  problems with going pee pee and poop they also have hard time walking and of course back pain  she will be having an 'MRI done to see how big of a problem she has but ya should go see dr. Just wanted to throw this out there maybe it can help someone out
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my two year old daughter also cries  hysterically when she needs to poo. this sometimes goes on for hours on and off throughout the day. when she does finally make it is soft. so she is not constipated. im glad to see there are kids like this out there that have the same issue. I wonder what it could be? any suggestion?
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I know this is a post from several years ago about your son having pain when he poops despite NOT being constipated. Could you please share what happened/helped? We are what sounds like a very similar situation with my son who is almost 3 years old. He has been having pain with pooping since February and we have been given the go around by drs who insist it is constipation but his stools are so soft, he has never had one poop that I can recall that ever resembled constipation. H screams and cries when he gets the urge to poop/poops. Afterwards he seems fine but it's the act of going that seems most painful. He's potty trained and was before this started and he still pees on the potty so I don't think it's related to potty training. I have an appt with a GI dr in 4 weeks but in the meantime my pediatrician just wants to continue Miralax (laxative) which I don't feel is the appropriate treatment but we are continuing with it anyways....please help I'm heartbroken to see my son in pain!
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Im going to follow this post bc my three year old is also having these same exact symptoms and issues. All his doc says is to give him miralax but therea been no change. Hopefully one of the other moms doctors was able to give some answers that could help us
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I am having the same problem with my 3 year old daughter.  Has anyone got any answers from Dr's yet?
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So nothing yet? I would love to help my sister with her 3 year old daughter. Seem like the same pain she's having. They just left to the ER, cuz it's been going on for a month and a week now with her pain. Don't know what to do.
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May those parents who have found solutions please come back and update?

My 2 year old is having the same issue:
pain before and during pooping, could take all day
saying her bum hurts
pooping every 2-4 days, rarely everyday, so a lot comes out
poop is normal, so no constipation
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how r u ding..

hope ur son is doing well..

my 4 year old daughter is having the same problem..what did the doctor say n how is your son now?...plz tell me...eagerly waiting  for your reply...
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I know this is an older post but has anyone gotten any answers yet? My almost 3yo girl is having the same problem. Crying hysterically when trying to go and this has been going on for around 6 months off and on. She'll go thru this phase for about a week or 2 then she will be fine for a few weeks and then start again. I've been doing Miralax as recommended by 2 Dr's but it's not a constipation problem. If anything her stools have always been on the softer side. She eats and drinks all the right stuff and always has. I've also been told to ignore it because it's just a phase but I can't do that because she's constantly walking around on tippy toes purposely holding it back screaming for me to hold her and make it stop. She's very well rounded and we have a good routine and I stay at home and theres no reason for her to have any emotional issues or stress that would cause anything. We're kinda potty training but I'm letting her do it when she wants to and there's no pressure at all and she does pee and poop on the potty on occasion. Since there's been so many on this post to comment with the same issues I'd really appreciate if someone would let me know their outcome. Thank you!
I have been dealing with this since my daughter was a newborn. She would scream when she pooped and it was watery. I brought this up to her Pediatrician and he had me put her on Miralax and that only worked sometimes. He finally referred me to a GI Specialist and her appointment is on Friday. She'll go days without going and hold it in and just scream in pain out of nowhere and want us to pick her up saying she's cold. When she does go, it's not always hard, but it's huge and there is blood. She's so afraid to poop and says it hurts. She is potty trained and if she would just go when she had to instead of holding it in, I think she may be ok. But the mom instinct is telling me something isn't right. I hope we get answers soon because it's totally heartbreaking. I've been to the ER a couple times as well as Urgent Care and they could see on the X-rays how backed up she is. When she's like this, she won't eat anything. She turned 3 in July. I will update everyone on Friday.
Hello. I see your post is pretty recent and I am having the same issue with my son now he is 19 months. What did the doctor say when you took her in?
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I'd love to hear from anyone who's come out the other side of this problem. We're having it also and our 3 year old cries so much when having to poop. There's blood when we wipe sometimes too. She says it it hurts her. Any results from anyone who has been through this?
Not been funny but if you're child has blood when she had a poo should take her to the doctors not sit posting on here for answers ffs obviously something is wrong
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He could have a hemorrhoid inside his butthole.  The doctors would have no way of knowing that unless they actually looked inside, which wouldn't be very pleasant.   That would definitely cause a lot of pain when pooping as well as bleeding right after.  
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