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3 year old acts up in preschool

My 3 year old step-son is genuinely a good kid. He listens to his father and I farely well, and he has yet to talk back. He recently turned 3 so he got put into a new class at preschool. Ever since he has switched classes, his behavior has changed dramatically. Every report at the end of the day has sad faces, and he is now starting to bite other children. I talked to his teacher and she says that she will ask him to clean up his toys, and he will look dead at her and say no, and continue to take out even more toys. When it is time for them to sit down and read a story, he refuses and runs away. (At home, he gets so excited when I read to him, so I dont quite understand why he acts this way) Most recently though, he has been biting. If it's over a toy or because a child won't move out of his way, he will just grab their arm and bite.

He is an only child, so my first thought is that he does this because there are so many other children around, but he has been attending this preschool for about 6 months now, so I dont get why this is all starting out of nowhere. His father and I talk to him about it and he gets so upset. I'll ask him why he did it and he just starts crying. He is pretty good with his words so I'm not sure why he doesn't answer me. Just the other day, I sat down with his teacher but I decided to bring him so he knows how serious it is for him to stop the bad behavior. He told his teacher he would be good, listen to her and wouldn't bite anyone. I thought that maybe he would follow though with his word. But no. I get there to pick him up and turns out, he managed to bite not just one, but two children that day.

Nothing we say or do seems to be getting through to him. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. My plan for today is that I'm going to get him a calander and some stickers, and let him put a sticker on everyday that he is good. I stress out at work thinking about how he is acting at school. I need some advice.

What do I do? How do I get him to stop the biting AND the attitude of not listening? Please help.
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Do you think he is being harmed?  It would be unfair to make him promise to be good if someone is hurting him or harassing him where he is.  Would there be a problem in moving him back to the classroom where he was happy?
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He can't go back into the other class because that class is for 2 year olds. Now that he is 3, he has to be with the other 3 year olds, where they do more advanced learning.

And he is deffinitely not being harmed because ive known these teachers for 10 years. I used to volunteer there in the summers and all of my younger family members have gone there.
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What if he is being harmed by a student and not one of the teachers or what if there is another kid in the class that is acting up and he is just following in the other childs foot steps?
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